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    Som Machine Hand Job Sex MachineLaura Leu, freelancer for the New York Press, was asked to report on the subject of 'teledildonics' - the new technology in cyber sex that enables sex toys to be controlled by a computer.

    The article was originally to inform readers how these tools could improve the cyber-sex life they shared with their long-distance partner but it soon became a bizarre lesson in male sex toys!

    As Laura explained:

    "I went with the Virtual Sex Machine, or VSM, a $400 piece of equipment defined on its website as "an interactive virtual reality sexual stimulation system."

    Translation: It's a robotic vagina that synchronizes to porn. The VSM comes with a specially encoded erotic film, shot from the viewer's perspective, which allows you to experience the scene as if it's happening to you."

    Upon sending out a request to all of her male friends to try the toy, she received a reply from her ex-boyfriend who offered to 'deflower' the sex machine. However, his original enthusiasm soon died out when he actually tried it for himself!

    "We watched the girl on the DVD begin with some blowjob magic. As she started sucking, so did the machine-but not in a good way.

    The level of noise produced by the VSM would make you think it was matching Sammy's vigour, since it sounded like a train crashing into a pile of jackhammers; he compared the experience to "getting sucked off by a palsied nun."

    Sammy then flipped onto her stomach and got railed from behind. I hoped that the VSM's version of doggy-style would be better than its fellatio, but the look of defeat on the ex's face said it wasn't."

    Som Machine Hand Job Sex MachineFor a more enjoyable and discreet masturbation experience, take a look at a few of our male toys. The Som Machine Hand Job Sex Machine comes highly rated and reviewed as a toy that perfectly replicates the feel and action of an incredible hand-job!

    The controller doubles as a powerful multispeed vibrating wand which can be used for dual stimulation of the perineum or anus. Simply lie back and let the smooth up-and-down motion bring you to an amazing orgasm - again and again!

    The Puchi Som Sex Machine for Him is a similar device but replicates the feel of vaginal intercourse instead! The pleasurable, pumping action provides hands-free stimulation so you can use them for other, more important things!

    With the ability to choose from 90 - 180 strokes per minute, you're sure to have more fun than you could ever imagine!

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