1. Shiny, Gold, Bond-style Catsuit Features in Eastenders!

    Shiny, Gold, Bond-style Catsuit Features in Eastenders!

    Eastenders' Stacey Slater wore a rather fantastic tight, gold catsuit for Bradley's Bond-themed 21st birthday bash in the show last week! Stacey, played by actress Lacey Turner, dons the slinky costume and sets about wow-ing everyone at the party in it!

    The same stunning catsuit can be found here on Lovehoney!

    The one-piece, zip-up costume is made of the most breathtaking, shiny, gold material, making it perfect for your own Bond-style party or a show-stopping night on the town!

    However, if gold isn't your colour we also have an equally fabulous red version which clings to every curve!

    The waist to neck zip-up front allows you to be as bold as you like and show as much flesh as you dare!

    Team either of the kinky catsuits with a pair of our knee high boots and we assure you a head-turning night!

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