1. From Lingerie to Lap Dances - The Weekly Forum Round-Up!

    Black Level Ruffled PVC Mini Skirt Second week of September? Where does the time go…?

    If you're desperately holding on to the remnants of what was a fleeting summer or trying to forget that Christmas is fast approaching, then the only cure is distraction! And what better way to distract yourself than to get involved in the Lovehoney Community Forums!

    There has been lots of discussion over the past week on some fantastic topics ranging from lingerie to lap dance! So here are the best bits for you to take a look at:

    Orgasm Army

    Although the competition has now ended, the Caption Competition - Win a Fleshlight thread is packed with great quotes for a good giggle! The perfect topic to brighten up a dull Monday morning!

    Everyone has had sex to music at some point, but if you're looking for something a little different, check out the Sexy Basslines thread for some top recommendations. From German industrial to American hip-hop you're sure to discover something new to try your moves to!

    Need some lingerie help? Come to the forums and see what advice the community members can offer! This past week there has been discussion of the best PVC/latex lingerie that can be worn as outerwear as well as underwear!

    If you're considering taking your partner to a strip club, take a look at the Anyone taken their partner to a lap dancing club? topic and heed the advice within! From experienced lap dancers to strip club customers, there are lots of brilliant tips to take a look at.

    Lovehoney News and Site Help

    Ever fancied a job working for the biggest sex toy shop in the UK? Check out the Jobs at Lovehoney thread and see if there's something you may be interested in.

    Yes, we know it's only September, but now is the time to start thinking about what you would like Santa to leave in your stocking this year! Take a look at the What do YOU want to see at Lovehoney this Christmas? thread and let us know if there's anything new you want to see on the site or if there's any products you want to make sure we have in stock!

    Erotic Book Club

    The New Joy of Sex has just been released so there's lots of exciting discussion to be had! Have you read the original? What do you think of the new edition? What's your opinion on Better Sex Books in general? Let us know!

    It's fun to share stories and confessions so take a look at the Sex at the Office topic and add your .02 cents!

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