1. Use household accessories for sexy fun!

    Kwiktwist Giant Twist Ties Twin Pack

    Lovehoney Community members share their sex tips…

    "Use props from around the house.

    Feather dusters (clean of course) can be lots of fun.

    Hairbrushes can make great makeshift spanking tools. Use your imagination!"

    Kwiktwist Giant Twist Ties are household accessories that get a whole new lease of life in the bedroom.

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    • pansport: September 12, 2008 21:07
      fill a condom ( well they are household items !! ) with water and put it in the freezer. Next time you are having sex blindfold your partner, give her a few strokes in her pussy with your erection then plunge in the frozen condom. The result is mind blowing. Repeat till the ice has meltd !!