1. The Weekly Sexpert Round-Up - Shaving, Fantasies and Anal Sex!

    Sliquid Ride Razor Shave Cream For MenLovehoney is your one-stop-shop for everything sex related! This includes the top tips and best advice from the world's greatest sex experts.

    Whether you want to know how to approach the subject of intimate shaving with your boyfriend or how to have safe, comfortable anal sex - we've got the top answers from the best sources right here!

    The Daily Bedpost's 'man panel' gives advice on how to convince your boyfriend to shave his pubic hair:

    "You should explain to him how much bigger he would look without the hair, buy him a shaver and direct him to shave everywhere.

    Make sure he knows that the frequency of oral sex will go up exponentially when the area is cleaned up and make sure you are diligent about your own grooming. Ask him things like, "You know what would be super hot…?" or "Did you know that you could look one inch bigger if…?"

    For the closest shave, try the Sliquid Ride Razor Shave Cream for Men. This long lasting cream has been formulated to soften hair and protect even the most sensitive skin. It's also glycerin, paraben and lanolin-free - so you can care for the environment whilst you care for yourself! She really won't be able to stop touching and stroking you all night!

    Dear Deidre from The Sun discusses how men can deal with their partner's sexual fantasies:

    Leg Avenue French Maid Corset Set"When a woman talks about sexual fantasy she usually means an image or imagined scenario she may have in her head as she makes love.

    So she may actually be in her suburban bedroom with her tubby hubby of 15 years, but in her head she is an Oriental princess in a harem being taken by her lord whose prowess is irresistible - or something like that.

    To a woman, a sexual fantasy is rarely anything she expects - or indeed would even want - to happen."

    For some sexy, fantasy, fun why not take a look at some of Lovehoney's Sexy Costumes? From bunny girls to schoolgirls, naughty nurses to saucy sailors - whatever your fantasy, we can help you fulfil it!

    Try dressing up as a sexy French Maid and enjoy a little role-play! The Leg Avenue French Maid Corset Set is sexy and pretty at the same time. It features soft ruffles to the top and bottom with four adjustable suspenders for holding up those ever so naughty stockings!

    Tracey Cox gives her expert opinion on how to have safe, comfortable anal sex:

    Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Beginner Kit"Bottoms aren't really meant to have penises inside them - which is why any decent guide on how to have anal sex, includes advice on building up to the big one.

    I would strongly advise you to use a butt plug to 'train' yourself to accept your boyfriend. If this doesn't work, give up on anal intercourse and instead simply enjoy penetration with a finger, butt plug, dildo or vibrator.

    Anal creams that desensitise the anus are not your friend; neither are 'poppers' or cocaine. They all do a fantastic job of numbing the area but that's the problem.

    Pain is nature's warning. Yes I know that's something your mother would say but there is a right and wrong way to enjoy anal play and pain will tell you which path you're on."

    To help ease your way into anal play, give the Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Beginner Kit a go. This incredible collection of products features a smooth, silicone butt plug that's been specially designed to give maximum pleasure, Supersex Anal Lube and Tracey's Anal Mini Guide - for all the best tips on having the best anal sex imaginable!

    Remember to go slowly and relax - before you know it you'll be an anal expert!

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