1. The Friday Sex Blog Collection!

    Durex Play 2in1 Massage MousseThe best sex blogs from all over the internet are brought to you in this clever weekly collection, right here at Lovehoney!

    The best Lovehoney blogs of the week include:

    A New Use for Sex Toys? The Russian Blow-Up Doll Water Race! - An interesting idea from Russia about riding blow-up love dolls down river rapids in order to be crowned winner! I wouldn't advise putting that on your CV though!

    Durex Pull Out All The Stops to Promote Their New Range - An interesting blog all about the new Play O range from Durex and how the company has chosen to market the products.

    The Weekly Sexpert Round-Up - Shaving, Fantasies and Anal Sex! - Need some advice? Looking for the top sex tips? Lovehoney has compiled all the sex help you could ever need in this useful little blog!

    Hot New Underwear for Men From Hustler - It's hard to find underwear for men that is both sexy and comfortable but Hustler have produced a perfect new range that he'll love to wear, but she'll love to take off!

    The New Joy of Sex - Interview and Top Tips from Author Susan Quilliam - This interview is not only interesting and full of character, it's also informative! If you've ever thought about writing a sex guide then Susan Quilliam can help.

    The best sex-related blogs from elsewhere include:

    Susan Quilliam: Still Bubbling… - Author of The New Joy of Sex explains about her new book and gives some very insightful views about sex and infidelity.

    Naked Chicks on Post-It Notes - An incredible blog with some very artistic drawings… on post-it notes! There's also some brilliant commentary about each image.