1. Sizzling and Sexy - FREE Erotic Short Story from Lovehoney!

    Sizzling and Sexy - FREE Erotic Short Story from Lovehoney!

    Small PackagesSome of the most erotic stories are those that involve sex toys. Last year, we challenged all the budding erotic authors out there to produce an erotic short story that involved a sex toy, for our Lovehoney Erotic Story competition.

    One of the runner-up winners was Ellis Campbell with the story "Small Packages". This short tale earned Ellis £50 of sex toys and the chance to be published online at Lovehoney!

    This sensual story tells the tale of one woman, one fantasy and her Lovehoney Magic Bullet mini-vibrator! With a clever twist to keep you captivated, this is a piece of erotica that you're bound to love!

    Ellis explains of "Small Packages":

    Five Minute Fantasies 2 After looking at Lovehoney, the mini vibrators intrigued me the most. The idea that you could pleasure yourself anywhere, any time was so appealing.

    From that came the idea of a little break from work, a way to release the tension and have a more relaxed day. I love the idea that she is carrying around this secret little thrill in her purse all day.

    I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing!

    To download Ellis' winning story, click here: Small Packages by Ellis Campbell

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