1. The iBuzz Two Vibrator - The Music Activated Sex Toy, as Featured on CNET MP3 Insider!

    iBuzz Two VibratorFamous reviews site CNET, went to the Arse Elektronika conference and discovered the iBuzz Two Vibrator. CNET Senior Editor for MP3 players and digital audio, Donald Bell discussed the product with Kyle Machulis:

    "The iBuzz allows you to hook in whatever stereo equipment you have and pick up the bass frequencies, which adjusts the speed of the attached vibrator. It also has features that allow you to have patterns or different speeds. The really cool thing about it is whatever music you like, it turns it into a sexual experience.

    It has an input and vibrator socket as well as two headphone outputs, so you can put your headphones on your significant other and share that special experience through the same vibrator."

    He's not wrong! The iBuzz Two is a music-activated sex toy that allows couples to share the music and share the love!

    It comes with two bullet vibrators, a skin-safe rabbit stimulator sleeve for her and a cock ring for him! With the music activated vibrations, four pulsing patterns and 11 speeds - you are guaranteed pitch-perfect orgasms!

    It also comes highly recommended! Here is just some of what our customers had to say:

    "The iBuzz Two Vibrator is such a great innovation and it's certainly #1 on my sex toy chart!"

    "Once the cock ring was on and with our Bowie tracks playing he was rock hard and loved the sensation!"

    "If you're into music and crave incredible orgasms, be smart and combine your favourite MP3 player with our generation's must have sex toy: iBuzz Two."