1. Durex Pull Out All The Stops to Promote Their New Range

    Durex Play O Female Orgasm GelDurex has just released the exciting new Play O Female Orgasm Gel in the UK and they're going out of their way to promote it and their other new ranges all over the world!

    Firstly, Play O featured alongside Lovehoney's very own Love Bunny Vibrating Mini Massager in the most recent issue of More magazine.

    Play O was listed as the best for increased sensation and the Love Bunny is touted as the first and best online sex toy!

    If you fancy trying Play O for yourself then pick up a bottle from Lovehoney! This orgasm gel is created by women for women using a combination of ingredients designed to stimulate and bring you the most intense orgasms you've ever experienced!

    Secondly, they have launched a marketing strategy in Singapore where they send Durex representatives out wearing paper bags over their faces! The intention of this strange publicity stunt is to spread the message that buying sex toys doesn't have to be embarrassing.

    Paul Anderson, Executive Creative Director for marketing company Ogilvy RedCard Singapore explains:

    "It was a simple demonstration of the anonymity that buying adult toys online offers. We showed people that they can buy any toy they like, without having to show their faces to the world in the process."

    Check out the entire Durex Play range for all the fun and functional additions you can get hold of to enhance your sex life!