1. Book of the Month - Seriously Sexy 1

    Book of the Month - Seriously Sexy 1

    Xcite Books are the up-and-coming publishers of some of the most amazing erotic short-story collections around. Whatever your fetish or fantasy, Xcite has something to suit you!

    Seriously Sexy 1, the original collection of hot and horny short stories from Xcite, is the Lovehoney Book of the Month for September. And with this book, not only do you get some of the best erotica around; you also get a free Pearl Shine Mini Smoothie 5 Inch Vibrator worth £9.99!

    Seriously Sexy 1Miranda Forbes is the editor of this fantastic anthology. As an experienced author herself, she has written many erotic stories for numerous publications. Over the past 15 years, as well as becoming a talented and flamboyant writer, Miranda has also earned a reputation for being hard to please! So you can be sure that only the highest quality stories made it into this volume.

    The result is a collection of 20 highly erotic tales, written by some of the best erotic authors out there. The short pieces of erotica range from the understatedly naughty to the especially risqué, covering such themes as exhibitionism, lesbian sex, domination and a lot more!

    As the company explains: Whatever your pleasure you'll love what you discover between the covers of Xcite Books!

    Whilst reading these one-a-night stories, consider these questions:

    - What did you like or dislike about the book?

    - Were there any stories that particularly stood out to you?

    - Which was your favourite sex scene and why?

    - Do you think any of the short stories could be made into a full erotic novel?

    - Do you think all of the different authors and themes worked well together or did you feel it was disjointed in anyway?

    - Do you think this book appeals to men as well as women?

    - How do you think Xcite's efforts compared to a well established publisher like Black Lace?

    - Would you be interested in exploring the more specific themed erotic short story books from Xcite such as Bad Girl, Juicy Erotica or Tie Me Up?

    Don't forget, for one month only, you will receive a free Pearl Shine Mini Smoothie 5 Inch Vibrator worth £9.99 when you buy Seriously Sexy 1!

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