1. Book of the Month - Interview with Contributor Jeremy Edwards

    Jeremy Edwards

    Book of the Month, Seriously Sexy 1, is full of amazingly hot stories on such diverse themes as lesbian seduction, open relationships, illicit love affairs, domination and exhibitionism.

    Whatever you're interested in, there's sure to be something within the covers of this incredible book to tease and tempt you!

    One of the hottest stories in Seriously Sexy 1 is Impressionism by Jeremy Edwards.

    This erotic tale of seduction, voyeurism and exhibitionism is beautifully written and is laced with Jeremy's signature style which makes it so easy to lose yourself in the story entirely!

    Jeremy is a pseudonymous sort of fellow whose efforts to spin libido into literature have been widely published online, on the newsstands and in print, including in Xcite's Tease Me and the soon-to-be released Ultimate Burlesque. Jeremy explains that his greatest goal in life is "to be sexy and witty at the same moment – ideally in lighting that flatters my profile!"

    We caught up with Jeremy to ask him about Impressionism and his work with Xcite books

    What was your inspiration for Impressionism?
    One day, while bopping around New York checking out art galleries (and snacks!), I noticed that the long, narrow floor plan of one gallery - a layout shared by many, actually - would be perfect for a little exhibitionistic fun on the part of the gallery staff. This particular gallery was set up with a desk at the back of the display space, in a direct line of sight with the door, and that was what specifically gave me this risqué idea. As I recall, I liked much of the art on display, too - which made the idea even sexier for me.

    Basing the majority of the story in an art gallery gave it a unique and interesting context, what made you decide on that particular location?
    It was probably inevitable that I'd write at least one story set in an art gallery. In my mind, there's a degree of similarity between the exciting effect of aesthetic beauty and the impact of the erotic. I don't mean that I go around humping paintings (not recently, at least) but when I think about the effect of compelling art, I'm thinking about something transcendent, heady, and intensely personal - a direct connection made with the observer.

    Although eroticism, when more than one person is involved, differs from art appreciation in that it's an experience that flows both ways (or even more ways, if more than two people are involved), I find that the preciousness of the experience is in some ways similar to that of responding strongly to a piece of art. Better, messier, and more physically demanding, but similar.

    A less highfalutin answer, but a related and equally sincere one, is that I often find women associated with art to be sexy - painters, photographers, art dealers, savvy but eager-eyed tourists in big museums… that sort of passion for beauty is enchanting to me. (Oh, and I don't mind it when fascinating and alluring women show up in the paintings and photos, either.)

    The characters in the story are beautifully described - everyone can see something of themselves in them, whether it's the shy side to Valerie or her total exhibitionist persona, Max's self-assuredness or utterly enamouring wit! Do you see parts of yourself in the characters?
    I think I relate to Max's interest in being witty, and also to his sense of adventure in this situation. As someone who has long been happily married and cheerfully monogamous, I don't get into situations like this in my real life. But, needless to say, part of the fun of writing erotica - as with reading it - can be to vicariously experience some very agreeable scenarios that don't fit into one's real life. And I love how in writing, one can have such control over wit! A writer can take as long as necessary to polish a witticism, and then the witty character gets to look scintillating and spontaneous to the reader.

    By the way, though in this particular story I see more of myself in Max than in Valerie, I should say that I do sometimes put myself into my female characters, too. (Oops - Maybe I should rephrase that!)

    I have noticed that in a lot of erotic stories, especially those written by women, the male is the seducer and/or aggressor. In Impressionism, however, it's the woman who's the seductress! Was this just due to your own natural perspective as a man or was it a conscious decision?
    I've written this dynamic various ways in my heterosexual stories - man as seducer; woman as seducer; a little of each; third party as seducer. I also write some lesbian erotica, and naturally whoever's at the wheel in those pieces is going to be a woman.

    In Impressionism, I think that what determined that the woman would be the one doing the seducing was the practicality and immense erotic appeal of the skirt-and-panties-under-the-desk setup. That image of an intelligent, elegant, business-like, art-loving woman playing that daring, teasing game drove the story in my head.

    As well as writing Impressionism for Seriously Sexy 1, you've also written several other short stories for Xcite Books. How do you ensure you keep it short and sweet instead of over-complicating things?
    I love writing 'short and sweet'! A playful interaction, a happy-go-lucky little adventure, electricity between personalities, a burgeoning erotic necessity… It's my belief that a 'light' story can also be a sensitive and intelligent one. Sometimes there are some minor complications in my characters' emotions or psychologies - and there's often an intellectualisation of their experiences - but I try to give a story artistic depth without making it heavy (this isn't a criticism of what other writers do; it's just me explaining who I am). I'm really going after the magic and the joy and the laughter and the sensuality and the fun. And, of course, I'm trying to explore and celebrate the erotic power of language, to seduce the reader with words.

    What other projects are you working on at the moment that you think are particularly exciting?
    I'm writing (or am about to write) a bunch of new stories to submit to various places. As it happens, I'll be submitting the pieces on my current "to write" list to a spectrum of media - one or two to e-book editors, one to someone putting together a print anthology, one to a magazine, and one to a webzine. And the pieces are all pretty different from each other in content, which ensures that the writing process will stay interesting for me. It's wonderful to know that every piece can feel like a new adventure, even though I've now written some 70 or 80 erotic stories.

    Would you ever consider writing a full erotic novel or putting together a 'Best of Jeremy Edwards'?
    As a matter of fact, I did write an erotic novel recently! I'm very excited about it, and I'm currently doing the legwork to explore the various publication possibilities. A story collection is also something I'd love to do at some point.

    To find out more about Jeremy's future projects and find a list of other books that contain his stories, visit his blog page.

    To discuss Seriously Sexy 1 and Impressionism visit the Erotic Book Club forums and let us know your views!

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