1. The Friday Sex Blog Collection!

    A Bed of RosesThe best sex blogs from all over the internet are brought to you in this clever little weekly collection, right here at Lovehoney!

    The best Lovehoney blogs of the week include:

    The Tuesday Taste Test - Mmmmm… Sliquid Swirl Blue Raspberry Flavoured Intimate Lubricant tastes like pancake sauce! How do we know? Because we tasted it!

    August 27th - Officially the Most Unromantic Day of the Year - Lovehoney offers some solutions on how to turn the most unromantic day of the year into a celebration of your sexuality!

    Have Sex Up Against The Wall! - Yet another top tip from the Lovehoney Community Members, but this time on how to go about performing one of the most difficult to achieve sexual positions!

    How To Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day - From sister site, Hen Night HQ is a blog containing the best tips from the personal trainers to the stars on how to shape up for your big day!

    The best sex-related blogs from elsewhere include:

    Boinkology: What Do You Say During Sex? - A fabulous flow-chart and blog that's inspired some great discussion on what you say in the heat of the moment!

    The Frisky: Seven Famous Penises in History - To be honest, I couldn't think of more than 3 famous penises, but Susannah at the Frisky has compiled a list of seven in this blog post!

    The Pervocracy: Polly Wants a… Ohhhh Yes! - A fantastic blog post about the troubles of living in a house with a parrot that repeats everything you say!

    Daily Bedpost: Man-Handled Advice from Our Guy Friends - Some brilliant advice from Em and Lo's guy friends on why your boyfriend may not like cuddling.

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