1. The Weekly Forum Round-Up: Blogs and Bottoms!

    Fresh Alligator Nipple ClipsHappy bank holiday weekend from the Lovehoney Community! This week has seen some interesting, informative and very entertaining threads created on the forums! Everything from blogs to bottoms has been discussed and we hope that this enlightening thread will help you to find all the best topics you may have missed!

    Orgasm Army

    Thinking about buying some flavoured lubricants but want to know how they really taste? Join in this thread and let us know what you want sampled for the Tuesday Taste Test!

    The Nipple Play thread is THE place to go for some great recommendations and brilliant advice! Drop in and let Lovehoney know what you like to use for nipple naughtiness!

    Ass Rebellion 2008 - It does what it says on the thread! Since laying down the law that x-rated pictures will be deleted, many forum members have taken a different root and decided to exercise their right to display their bottoms proudly! Join the backside revolution or simply giggle as the thread unfolds!

    Lovehoney News and Site Help

    The Can We Post Photos? Thread is the place to go if you want to find out how to share your images with the rest of the Lovehoney community!

    Erotic Book Club

    Everyone loves a bit of naughty reading! The Sex-Related Blogs topic is the best place to share your favourite sexy web links and discuss the Lovehoney blog posts too.

    The Win a Year of Orgasms with our Erotica Survey thread is still going strong! Fill in the short questionnaire then drop by the community to let us know exactly what you love or loathe about erotic fiction!