1. The Friday Sex Blog Collection!

    SuicideGirls Logo ThongThe best sex blogs from all over the internet are brought to you in this clever little weekly collection, right here at Lovehoney!

    The best Lovehoney blogs of the week include:

    The Weekly Forum Round Up - A sneaky peek into the world of Orgasm Army! If you want a question answered or to read reviews from real people, then the Lovehoney Community Forums really are the best place to go.

    The Tuesday Taste Test - Have you ever wanted to know what penis enhancer tastes like? Well this blog will tell you!

    Carry a Mini Vibe in your Handbag… - A wonderful sex tip from the Lovehoney Community Members on how to have an orgasm on the go!

    Dita Von Teese Adores Sexy Lingerie - The gorgeous Dita Von Teese discusses her love of lingerie in this saucy blog post.

    The best blogs from elsewhere include:

    The Frisky: The 8 Sex Toys You Didn't Realize You Had - A humourous yet informative look at all things household which can be utilised for other, sexier, purposes!

    The Metro-sexual: Sex in Space Could be out of this World - Don't act like you haven't thought about it! The Metro's blog writers have thought about it a lot… and gone far enough as to research it too!

    Facts and Friction: What to Take to University (to Get Laid at University) - The lovely Jake, a student from England, has filled his most recent blog entry with an essential list of those things that can turn your uni bedroom into a boudoir!

    SuicideGirls: Speak Geek to Me - A fantastic news blog from SuicideGirls that looks at the new Amazon Kindle and the possibility to download all of your e-books onto it, including the ones from our Erotic Book Club!

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    • Jake: August 24, 2008 12:46
      Oooh, why thank you. There are more uni themed posts on the way x
    • Carly: August 29, 2008 14:49
      You're welcome Jake! I would've put your HNT post on the list... but... well... ;)
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