1. The Weekly Sexpert Round-Up - The Statistics Edition

    Crop Star Feather TicklerMagazines, newspapers, TV shows and blogs are all filled to bursting with facts and figures on sexuality. It's almost impossible to navigate your way through the minefield of advice from the 'sex experts' to find the really hot sex tips that are useful to you!

    Instead of having to trawl through article after article on the way British people really make love or the number of sex toys bought in a year, this weekly round-up is here to do the hard work for you! This week we hope to bring you the most informative statistics from the sexperts and give you the hottest advice and the top tips to go with it!

    This week, the Sun's Jane Symons discusses the UK Sex Report 2008:

    "The UK Sex Report 2008, discovered a steamy 48 per cent said they've enjoyed phone sex - with 50 per cent of women and 44 per cent of men admitting they like talking dirty.

    Psychotherapist Christine Webber, one of the report's authors, said: "It seems that people - particularly those living in cities and urban areas - are becoming far more open to alternative sexual behaviour. Attitudes towards spanking and bondage are changing!"

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    AskMen.com conducted the 2008 Great Male Survey and the results were both surprising and reassuring:

    Touche Womaniser Shaver and Silicone Vibrator"From pornography to birth control and fantasies to casual sex, the sexuality section of the Great Male Survey provoked some interesting results.

    37% of men have sex less than once a month, however 68% of men think that a couple with a healthy sex life should have sex multiple times a week.

    On the grooming side of things, 43% of men preferred their partner to be completely hairless around the genitals and 41% liked a bit of pubic hair but neatly trimmed."

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    Sexpert Tracey Cox provides a fascinating romance fact from her book The Sex Doctor:

    Crop Star Feather Tickler"It really is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. In a survey of almost 70,000 Americans, US professors found people who never married die earlier than those who are divorced, seperated or widowed."

    Blimey! It's probably time to turn up the romance then!

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