1. John Barrowman Suggests a Range of Torchwood Sex Toys

    Njoy ElevenJohn Barrowman, the rather gorgeous star of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, has suggested that the show should have a range of sex toys as its themed merchandise!

    Now magazine explains:

    The actor says characters in the Doctor Who spin-off won't be made into figurines for kids because it's on after the watershed.

    So John, 41, who plays bisexual Captain Jack Harkness, says it should target grown-ups instead.

    'We can't make Torchwood toys; we can't market to children because it's an adult show.

    Maybe we could do Torchwood sex toys! I will suggest it.'

    Torchwood is a British science fiction drama that deals with the activities at the fictional Torchwood Institute, a place for the investigation of supernatural and paranormal activities. It is considered to be an adult version of Doctor Who and features scenes of nudity, same-sex kissing and extreme profanity!

    We here at Lovehoney think we can help the Torchwood team and provide some inspiration as to how their sex toys can take shape and how you can get in on the extraordinary fun!

    The Njoy Eleven is a futuristic looking solid, stainless steel dildo which could almost be mistaken for an artistic masterpiece! Hand-polished to a mirror shine, pure, smooth and non-porous, this dildo will give you years of pleasure. Place in hot or cold water to give you some extra sensations that are out of this world!

    Alien Vibrating Japanese VibratorThere's also the Alien Vibrating Japanese Vibrator, an innovative sex toy which is designed with your enjoyment in mind. The rounded nodules can be used for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation whilst the sculpted shaft is perfect for some amazing internal sensations!

    The single speed vibrations run from the base of the toy, right the way through to the tip and is so easily controlled you may get carried away with the utter bliss it induces!

    Lust BitesAlternatively, the Torchwood team could look into making a series of themed erotic books! The supernatural themed erotic books are some of the best sellers at Lovehoney and this includes the fantastic Lust Bites, a collection of vampire-based erotica from three of Black Lace's best authors!

    Sexy, haunting and timelessly erotic, these vampire stories will leave you hungry for more!

    Comments (2)

    • shellyboo: August 20, 2008 14:32
      Hmm, my ideal Torchwood sex toy? I'll have one Ianto Jones and one Captain Jack Harkness please. At the same time.

      Job done.

    • Abi: September 01, 2008 22:04
      I would have a Captain Jack Harkness and Owen Harper sandwich!!!!