1. Would Like To Meet Again - TV Dating With Tracey Cox

    Everyone's favourite sex, dating and body language expert Tracey Cox will be appearing in a new six part series Would Like To Meet Again, which starts at 8pm this evening on BBC2.

    It gives us a warm glow because every week Tracey provides sex tips and advice on Lovehoney so we're super-pleased to see her back on the box.

    The fun, entertaining and heart-warming new series is about the hapless singletons that the Would Like To Meet team helped find dates in the original show in 2001. This time we find out what has happened to them since then.

    Tracey is the body language and relationship specialist for the programme and provides some amazing dating advice that everyone, from the professional player to the dating amature, will benefit from.

    Sadly the original Would Like To Meet book is out of print now, but if you want some great dating tips, check our Tracey's Pocket Superdate.

    We caught up with Tracey to ask her about the show and get the inside gossip:

    'Would Like To Meet' was originally aired in 2001, since then do you think people have taken a step forward or back, socially speaking, when it comes to flirting?

    "I think we're pretty much in the same place because although internet dating has made enormous differences to dating, in that you really can go 'boy or girl shopping' anytime, anywhere, at some point you still have to meet up and have that first date. And then we have the same problems we've always had.

    Has internet dating made a much of a difference?

    "Instant messaging, internet dating, Facebook, MySpace, all these have made it easier to find someone who's right for us but you still need to close the deal face to face.

    I think there's still a need for a show like 'Would Like To Meet' which taught real relationship skills, rather than just matched people up."

    What was the success rate like on the show?

    "Well, we had three weddings, one engagement, five babies and only four of the 12 people we contacted are still looking for love. All of them attributed the show as being responsible for their newfound happiness - which is really really nice for us. It's lovely knowing that you've helped someone in such an important way."

    Have you ever had to coach someone who you felt was an impossible challenge?

    "The people who can't be helped aren't willing to change. If you're willing to change you can achieve anything.

    I have worked with people who wanted me to wave a magic wand and cure them but weren't willing to face any hard facts or change old, tired patterns of behaviour that weren't doing them any favours."

    For more information and dating tips, visit the Tracey Cox advice page and remember to tune in to BBC2 at 8pm every Thursday for the next 6 weeks for the wonderful Would Like To Meet Again!

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      Gorgeous, Australian, Sex and Relationships Author? This lady can do no wrong...