1. Top Tips from Romance Publishers Mills and Boon

    Top Tips from Romance Publishers Mills and Boon

    2008 marks Mills and Boon's centenary in the publishing world and to celebrate, the team have been giving advice on how to write a best-selling romance novel.

    Although Mills and Boon have been criticised for repeating plot lines, the inevitable happy endings and the simple writing style, to still be going strong after 100 years is no mean feat!

    The reason the books may be so popular is because of their dependability and escapist value. You know that if you pick up a book with a hot-pink cover you're going to get a romance novel with chaste kisses and blushing brides whereas picking up a flame-covered title from the Blaze series, will be full of lust-fuelled scenes and graphic erotica!

    Maddie Rowe, one of the editors for Mills and Boon and Heidi Rice, romance novelist, give their advice on what you can do to create a captivating piece of erotic and romantic fiction:

    - The first thing you need to do is understand your characters. You need to think about what it is about them that is going to keep them together or drive them apart.

    - The lead character needs to be someone anyone can relate to. You need to be able to put a bit of yourself into the character to make them more realistic and draw the reader in.

    - You have to really enjoy what you're writing about and want to get into that emotional depth that allows you to be completely involved in your story.

    - Fall in love with the hero of your story - it's the only way you'll get your readers to fall in love with him too!

    For more advice and top tips on how to write your own erotic story visit the Writing Tips section of the Erotic Book Club Forums.

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