1. i-D Magazine Features the Music Legs Spider Web Bodystocking

    i-D Magazine Features the Music Legs Spider Web Bodystocking

    This month's i-D magazine features the gorgeous model Jourdan Dunn wearing the Music Legs Spider Web Bodystocking, a gorgeous piece of lingerie available from Lovehoney!

    Jourdan is shown wearing the fabulous, black, sheer lace bodystocking with some of the most amazing couture dresses, proving that as well as brilliant underwear, this is fabulous outerwear too!

    Follow Miss Dunn's lead and wear the sensational spider web embroidered bodystocking with a short-sleeved dress, for that enticing matching sleeves and tights look!

    Combine the bodystocking with a cute pair of shorts, a classic waistcoat and some high heel boots for a sexy yet demure office girl style!

    If you love the look but don't know what to wear it with – wear nothing at all! On its own, this is the most magnificent lingerie, giving you the look of a full body catsuit but with the added bonus of putting your best assets on show!

    Check out our full range of bodystockings and keep up with the hottest trend this season!

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