1. The Weekly Sexpert Round-Up - The Men's Edition!

    Pocket Superdate Although men don't like to admit it, they've all looked at the sex tips and advice in the magazines their girlfriend has left on the coffee table! However, instead of getting a saucy article about women revealing their oral sex techniques, it's often quite the opposite!

    But fear not; we have searched high and low for the best sex advice just for men. This week's update searches through newspapers and websites to glean the best bits from them, leaving you with the hottest advice and the top tips!

    Taking it back to basics, AskMen.com explores the world of male dating etiquette:

    "When you take a woman out on a date, other than calling to make sure she made it home safely, do not call her to discuss the date in detail the following day. Let her bask in the romance and give her time to imagine what your next interaction will entail.

    Calling her two or three days later is fine, as it lets her know that you're thinking of her. Also, let some time pass before you ask her out on the next date. Buffering the time between contact with her is a major step in making her miss you."

    Sound advice for those first dates to keep her wanting more! But if you want further dating or flirting advice beyond this short article then sexpert Tracey Cox can help.

    Her books Superflirt and Superdate are absolutely ideal for someone that's just getting back into the dating scene or for adding some new and exciting elements to an already blossoming relationship!

    This week, the Sun's Dear Deidre tackles the sensitive matter of erection problems:

    Golden Root Complex "One of the first steps you have to take to resolve this problem is to be honest with your partner.

    I know it's hard for a man to admit he's experiencing erection problems but the overwhelming majority of women are very understanding - in fact, they are often relieved to discover that's what the problem is. Sharing this with your partner will also have the effect of relieving some of your anxiety - and that in itself will help since anxiety alone can cause, or certainly contribute, to erection problems."

    Once you've got over that initial fear of talking about it, it's time to see if you can fix the problem. Lovehoney has a range of sexual performance boosters that can help including the highly-recommended Golden Root Complex. This tremendous herbal libido booster is approved by the MHRA, the Governmental agency with responsibility for standards of safety, quality and performance and has a 5 star rating!

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    The TimesOnline's Suzi Godson attempts to answer the important question of does size really matter?

    Pocket Superdate "I guess a guy with a smaller penis finds it easier to pee in, rather than on, the toilet, but the long schlong is more versatile for genital origami. Seriously though, when it comes to sex, an enormous penis is an asset only if you are planning a career in porn. Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes and our genitals tend to be proportionate.

    As there are variations in size and shape of penises depending on regional, racial and familial inheritance, there is no universal average length or girth. Even so, text books suggest that an average erect penis is between 5" and 7½", when it is measured from the pubic bone to its tip and between 1" and 2" in girth. Girth and length when non-erect varies according to temperature, but is usually about half of what it is when erect."

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