1. Words and Phrases to Avoid in Erotica

    Words and Phrases to Avoid in Erotica

    There really is nothing worse than getting totally absorbed in an erotic story, enjoying the plot, seeing how the characters develop, getting to your first hot and heavy sex scene and then - BAM! You're faced with a phrase which is not only very unsexy but extremely distracting, too!

    In our Erotic Book Club Forum we have been discussing this precise phenomena which has come to be known as "Throbbing Member Syndrome". This terrible affliction affects writers of erotic fiction and causes them to use words and phrases which, quite frankly, set our libidos plummeting!

    Here is a collection of words and phrases that, in my opinion, should be avoided when writing an erotic story. There will always be exceptions to the rule, but stick with this list and you'll keep your readers at the apex of their pleasure for as long as you desire!

    Bad Words

    - Sex: As in referring to a lady's genitals as her "sex". Don't do it! It's just wrong!
    - Vagina: Reminds me of gynaecology exams - not something you associate as being erotic!
    - Pink: What are we, 12?!
    - Twat: Should only be used when shouting at someone from your car.
    - Fanny: My grandmother uses this word. That is reason enough.
    - Penis: Too medical.
    - Schlong: Unless you're doing bad German porn impressions, this word should be avoided!
    - Manhood: Reminds me of Mills and Boon.
    - Crotch: Will provoke the response of laughter as opposed to orgasms.
    - Throbbing: No! Just no!
    - Spunk: Humorous, but not erotic.
    - Moist: A rather unsexy word that doesn't evoke images of brooding sensuality and passionate sex!

    Good Words

    - Cock: The harsh consonants make it sound provocative and manly, oh yeah!
    - Dick: Depending on the context, this can be an incredibly erotic word.
    - Pussy: I'm not sure how this word became so mainstream, but I like it!
    - Cunt: Rude, harsh and ever so dirty! Once an out-of-bounds-word, it has since been reclaimed!
    - Wet: If a woman is 'moist' she's mildly impressed, if she's 'wet' she's absolutely loving it!
    - Orgasm: An obvious one but it proves that you really don't have to over-complicate your words.

    Of course, there is a time and a place for different forms and styles of language. I wouldn't be expecting to read a piece of period-erotica and come across the same words used in a modern story about rubber and latex fetishes, but it really is worth keeping in mind the golden rule:

    Say it out loud to someone - if they don't cringe or burst out laughing then it's allowed!

    Do you agree with this list? Do you have any words you want to add to the collection? Visit the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Community and let us know!

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