1. Use orgasm gel for a more intense orgasm!

    Tracey Cox Orgasm Enhancer Gel Do you want longer orgasms? Do you want a more intense climax? Do you want new sensations which will leave you smiling for days?

    There are masses of creams and sprays on the market to increase sensation and prolong sex for him, but it's about time women get in on the act!

    The Metro reports on a new range of orgasm gels:

    "Apparently, the average woman's orgasm lasts for 28 seconds. For a lucky few, it can go on for a massive 107 seconds.

    We're not sure if we believe this research (who on earth did they interview?) but it could soon be a reality for women everywhere, thanks to a new gel launched later this year.

    It contains a magic formula of l'arginine, an amino acid that increases blood flow, plus two cooling agents that feel tingly when applied."

    Sounds familiar? That's because here at Lovehoney we've been doing orgasm gels with the sensational ingredient of l'arginine for a while!

    Tracey Cox's Orgasm Enhancer Gel contains l'arginine as well as a touch of menthol to intensify arousal and to increase sensations. It's also a fantastic lubricant, perfect for intercourse and solo play alike!

    One of our best and most highly rated pleasure gels is ID Pleasure Lube. This long-lasting, water-based lubricant is ideal for making your clitoris and G-spot even more sensitive, resulting in long and powerful orgasms like never before!

    Simply, massage a small amount into the desired area and wait just a few seconds for the sensations to start!

    It would be fantastic to hear about your experiences with orgasm enhancers, especially ones that contain l'arginine, so head on over to the Orgasm Army Forums in the Lovehoney Community to discuss and review these incredible products!

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