1. Hell on High Heels - The Return of the Stiletto!

    Temptations Patent Leather Padlock Shoes It's official - high heels are the must have item for your autumn wardrobe! Forget the 'It-Bag', the 'It-Stiletto' is what's getting our undivided attention this season!

    Whether you dare to wear them on a night out or simply as an accessory to your bedroom activities, there is sure to be a style to suit you.

    The Daily Mail reckons high heels are man-traps:

    "Give men the choice between a girl in a weighty platform or a pair of hazardously high spiky heels and there is no hesitation.

    The latter are man-traps (surely the reason that whenever I visit Christian Louboutin's shoe sanctuary, there is inevitably a man loitering, uncomfortable but intent on buying sexy heels for someone special)."

    Not only are this coming season's heels ultra fashionable, they're also exceptionally sexy! Slip into a pair of Domina Patent 5 Inch Court Shoes and notice the way it lifts your calf muscles, giving you a longer, slimmer leg.

    Or try a pair of fantastic Temptations Patent Leather Padlock Shoes which add a little bit of bondage elegance to any outfit or lingerie set!

    The only problem with the second coming of the stiletto is the sore feet which we're all going to have to suffer with! However, fear not ladies - there is a solution! Party Feet are soft, soothing gel pads which stop your shoes from rubbing, prevent straps cutting in and stop that irritating shoe-slip which inevitably happens as soon as you step out of the taxi!

    If you still need convincing to swap your dull ballet pumps for a pair of sex kitten heels, then take advice from shoe designer Olivia Morris who has always managed to work pointed toes into every collection:

    "'For me they provide something feminine but with a bit of an edge, a 'don't mess with me' attitude.

    They ooze a certain sexiness that a round toe just can't do."