1. Read the Tremendous Reviews of the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

    Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator The Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator is fast becoming one of our best sellers! This incredible male sex toy not only has an amazing, modern design, it also provides better-than-real sensations which are unrivalled by any other male sex toy out there!

    This brilliant product already has three 5 star reviews, so instead of letting me explain what this sexy and sleek device can do, let's hear from those that know it best:

    The Todger Talk blog had some very good things to say about it:

    "Those buttons on the side are not for show; they actually allow you to regulate the pressure of the suction. After you've sorted that out, the ripply sensation up and down your shaft is pretty damn spectacular. I've not lasted more than three minutes on it yet, and am very worried that it might run off with someone else if I don't pace myself…

    Easily the best male sex toy on the market at the moment, as it ticks all the boxes; doesn't look like a sex toy, does things that a human hole can't, actually works, easy to clean up and even looks a bit stylish, in a geeky way."

    BBG, one of our community regulars, submitted this informative review:

    "I simply cannot think of a bad point for this miracle toy. Genuinely - not a single one. Top quality build, top quality performance, amazing design that you can happily keep in open view and integrated stand if you want to keep the lube with it too…

    The Flip Hole may have a weird name but it genuinely is one amazing, must-have toy. It takes male sex toys to a whole new level, raising them into designer territory. Where else can you buy a piece of modern design art for this kind of money? Or a spare part from a sci-fi film for that matter. More important than all of that though - the pleasure it can give you. Ooooh boy!

    These things are super-rare at the moment and I was very lucky to get mine - if you're interested I suggest you order one right now. If you stop to think about it, they'll all be gone! Trust me."

    Another reviewer submitted this very helpful description:

    "It fits me like a glove. If you are long enough, you'll be able to touch the end which, very thoughtfully, has yet more of the lovely little knobbly bits. Again this is great! The very tip of your penis is very sensitive and being able to hit something at the end is a welcome bonus.

    The designers have catered for the less well endowed by putting the squishy, slitted 'end orb' in. If you push against it with sufficient length, it squishes out of the way and you hit the end of the case and the nodules. If you're not quite that long, you'll still feel like you've filled it completely as your tip will be in the middle of the end orb.

    The fact that they have put this much thought into giving men of different lengths a similar 'fill it up' experience is very impressive."

    The Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator really is the best thing to happen to male masturbators since evolution gave us opposable thumbs!

    These sensational male sex toys are selling fast, so if you want one, you're better off ordering sooner rather than later!