1. The Beginner's Guide to Erotic Stories and Better Sex Books

    Juicy Erotica A lot of people are put off by the idea of erotica, thinking it's all "throbbing members" and period drama-style tales of heaving bosoms and, many years ago, this was very much the case!

    However, it's recently been given a 21st century face lift. Erotica is now not only stories that genuinely leave you reaching for your rabbit vibrator but sex guides and manuals that reveal all the hottest tips and techniques, too.

    My favourite kinds of stories are those that are based on real life. I love knowing that the words that have sent a tingle down my spine are the true stories of someone's experiences.

    But whether you're looking for shocking confessions, a guide to new positions or short stories to leave you breathless, Lovehoney has the perfect erotic book for you!

    Better Sex Books

    superhotsex Better Sex Books are often referred to as sexual education books or sexual guides, but these just conjure up images of school text books and those exceptionally dull biology lessons - which is not what you want for your bedtime reading! Better sex books offer tips and advice without being condescending. Their authors are often world-renowned sex experts who aren't afraid to tackle the subjects which newspaper advice columns think are too taboo!

    One of the best sex experts is Tracey Cox - the relationship coach for the UK version of Glamour magazine and presenter of many TV shows on sex, body language and relationships. Tracey has released several better sex books such as Hot Sex, supersex and superhotsex! All of her books are packed full of useful, sexy and practical advice accompanied by sleek and stylish photographs to demonstrate exactly how it should be done. Here is one of Tracey's top tips for encouraging spontaneity and diversity in a relationship:

    Instead of suggesting new things - do them. Lead her by the hand into another room or jump in the shower with her. Load on the compliments during and after the session, telling her how much you enjoyed making love that way. This will build her confidence so she'll have less of a kneejerk reaction to the more 'kinky' stuff. "

    Erotic Fiction

    Cassandra's Conflict The definition of erotic fiction is 'a single fictional story that deals with sex or sexual themes for the purpose of arousing the reader'. Makes it sound mind-numbing, doesn't it? But erotic fiction is so much more! Whatever your fetish, kink level, favourite genre or even preferred period of history is, there's sure to be an erotic book to suit you!

    A great introduction to erotic fiction is the classic Cassandra's Conflict by Frederica Alleyn. This breathtaking Black Lace original is all about the decadent indulgence and dark eroticism that lie behind the doors of a house owned by an imposing and sophisticated Baron in Hampstead. Once he takes on the sheltered and timid Cassandra as governess, they soon get involved in lustful games of power play, submission and domination that bring them ever closer together.

    "Her whole body was swelling with the sensations, and the knowledge that she mustn't climax made it all worse. Suddenly she heard a groan from Lucy, and the maid's voice cried out, 'No! Please, don't! Not yet, please!' There was such despair in her voice that it gave Cassandra a boost of confidence. At least Lucy was finding it difficult too."

    If you're really not sure what you'd enjoy, erotic fiction wise, check out the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club which has reviews, descriptions, excerpts and advice which will help you find the best piece of erotic fiction for you.

    Erotic Short Stories

    Black Lace Wicked Words 10 The best thing about erotic short stories is that they're just long enough to get you turned on, but short enough that you don't have to spend that crucial climactic moment turning the page! They're also brilliant because one single book can contain stories as diverse and exciting as exhibitionistic, public sex to passionate, lust-filled orgies in a period mansion!

    Wicked Words 10 comes highly recommended by all those have read it. It is a selection of the best short stories published over the past five years from the top Black Lace authors. The stories are sexy, varied and the quality of writing is superb!

    Here is an extract from Lois Phoenix's 'The Wytchfinder' to tease and tempt you:

    The Wytchfinder's fingers are in my hair, scooping it back to reveal the proud arch of my throat. They drop to the fastening of my bodice and a pulse hammers in my groin. I can hardly breathe. He seems to take a lifetime to release my breasts. They are sore from the chafing of the bodice and it is sweet release when they are bared…"

    Sexual Fantasies

    My Secret Garden Ahh, my personal favourite! Sexual Fantasy books are collections of real-life stories and fantasies that are not only an incredible turn on but also reassuring in the fact they reveal that other people think about exactly the same things that you do!

    Sexual fantasy books often have a specific theme to suit your personal interests such as Men In Love - real stories from the imaginations of men who adore women, Busty - a salacious body of work which focuses on the buxom and Derrière - for those who delight in every aspect of the female bottom!

    If you're looking for something a bit broader and investigative, then My Secret Garden is a great place to start! This book was originally published in the 1970s and it is still astonishing people with its outspoken and graphic fantasies that so many people share, even today.

    Nancy Friday explains the intrigue of My Secret Garden and fantasies in general:

    Putting this book together has been an education. Learning what other women are like, both in their fantasies and in their lives, has made me gasp in disbelief; laugh out loud occasionally; blush; sigh a lot; feel a sense of outrage, envy, and a great deal of sympathy. I find my own fantasies are more fun than some, less poetic than others, more startling than a good number - but they are my own.

    If there's anything else you would like to know about erotic books then the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club, with its fantastic forums and brilliant Book of the Month, is the place to visit!