1. Calum Best and a Chastity Belt - An Unlikely Duo!

    CB6000 Chastity Belt I was lucky enough to catch the first episode of MTV's "Totally Calum Best: The Best is Yet to Come" (d'ya see what they did there?!) on Sunday.

    The basic premise of the show is that Calum Best, a well known ladies man and son of George Best, is going to prove that he is more than just a tabloid-courting Casanova!

    And how is he going to do that? By going to LA for 50 days and 50 nights and remaining celibate for the entire time!

    It seems strange that a man who wants to avoid sexual contact with women would go to a place which is full of beautiful ladies in bikinis, but he wants a challenge and he's sure to get one there!

    The MTV website shows Calum under lock and key in his chastity belt, preparing to resist any and all temptations!

    The thing is, chastity belts no longer look like that and instead of being an intimidating and restrictive piece of clothing, they're actually a fun and enjoyable part of sex and BDSM!

    The CB-6000 Male Chastity Kit is one of our most popular chastity belts, perfect for exploring the most controlling of desires!

    Simple to use, comfortable to wear and lighter and stronger than its predecessors, the CB-6000 is a revolution in chastity devices! It's perfectly discreet and can be worn all day without any discomfort. The only way to unlock this incredible device is with the single key which is a perfect gift for your master or mistress!

    And it's not just the men who can enjoy the submissive fun; women can be equally as chaste! The Leather Labia Chastity Belt is brilliant for ensuring your lover's body is only available to you. Just slide the belt on and adjust to fit your body - the open slots reveal your labia lips but keep the rest of you covered - the ultimate in tease!

    Good luck to Calum in his quest for celibacy but if he needs any help, Lovehoney is happy to help!