1. The Brand-Spanking-New Weekly Sexpert Round-Up!

    Spank Ties Through national newspapers, weekly magazines and on daytime television shows, we are inundated by advice from sexperts telling us the dos and the don'ts of our relationships and love lives. This weekly update is here to take all that information and glean the best bits from it, leaving you with the hottest advice and the top tips!

    The Metro reports this week on the subject of spanking.

    Lisa Scott explains: Peter Jones is a solicitor in his fifties and lives in London. He claims to be one of the most feared yet sought-after men in London. Why? Because beautiful women want to be put over his knee and spanked.

    Many say they enjoy the pain because it releases endorphins. Others, say the humiliation is cathartic - something Jones believes is true. He meets various women who ask him to help them quit smoking, stop spending on their credit cards and lose weight.

    The key information to be taken from this article is that spanking and BDSM is becoming a fairly common practice and that with the proper direction, you and your partner can experience the fun safely and pleasurably!

    If you fancy indulging in a little spanking and bondage excitement, try our Spank Ties. They're perfect for beginners and can be used to bind wrists, tie ankles and can even be twisted together to make a spanking paddle!

    From the Sunday Mirror's very own Dr. Cath, we take a look at the topic of sex outdoors:

    Sex In Public "Having sex in unusual places is a common fantasy. There may be several reasons for this.

    Firstly, having sex outdoors gets you close to nature and, let's face it; sex is one of the most animal acts we perform. Secondly, some of the power comes from the thrill created by the threat of discovery!

    However, sex outside can be uncomfortable. Grass and insects are no match for a comfortable mattress and the back seat of a car doesn't give you much room for manoeuvre. If you're uncomfortable or concerned about being discovered you're not going to relax enough to enjoy sex."

    Wise words from Dr. Cath! A safer alternative, however, may be to read erotic stories about outdoor sex to each other. As its being whispered in your ear, you can create the mental imagery of the sexy outdoor scene but get to indulge in the incredible sex afterwards in the comfort of your own home!

    The erotic novel Sex In Public is perfect for such an occasion! With its tales of impetuous passion reckless daring and unlikely settings, this will satisfy even the naughtiest of readers!

    Lesley Gardner, the Telegraph's guru of all things relationship and sex provides advice for a couple who've lost their passion after having a child.

    Bijoux L'eau A Deux Lovers Bath Set "It's crucial to take time out of parenting and relax as a couple. Routine is a killer and what is sexy about a marriage bed that can be interrupted by the patter of tiny feet? Insert some fun back into your relationship! You are probably relating as parents, not as sexy playful lovers."

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