1. Take the 101 Days of Hot Sex Challenge!

    Tracey Cox SuperHotSex In the Metro yesterday was an article on a couple who decided to have sex for 101 days as part of an experiment to see if it would spice up their love life.

    Annie and Doug Brown set about the task after deciding that they needed something to really put the passion back in their sex life and could think of no better way than with regular, varied and exciting sex!

    The couple, both with busy jobs and two young children to look after, found that they rarely had time for sex so had to really make the effort to get into it every day.

    Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox explains:

    "When the sex is bad, it can destroy everything. When you become friends, not lovers, you put yourself at risk of an affair. But the more you have sex, the more you want it.

    It's like having a chocolate bar every day at 3pm; eventually you will crave it every day. An orgasm is no different."

    To keep it interesting, the couple did it on top of a mountain, in a yurt, they experimented with sex toys, wore sexy lingerie and even went to a porn industry convention!

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