1. Pelvic Floor Fitness - Exercise Without Having to Sweat!

    Fun Factory Smart Balls The Sun newspaper today features an article about kegel exercises and their benefits in regards to sex.

    As reported in the National Orgasm Day Survey - women who claim to have a good pelvic floor have twice as many orgasms as those who don't. And having stronger pelvic floor muscles isn't just beneficial for the girls; upon penetration men will feel a tighter grip around their penis and a whole new world of vaginal sensations!

    So how do you achieve these pubococcygeus muscles of steel? Through kegel exercises of course!

    By using an exerciser such as the original Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser, you will achieve tighter pelvic floor muscles, which can bring a man to orgasm just by contracting and expanding them!

    For fast results, try the Berman Center Isis Beginner Pelvic Exerciser. This smooth, seamless exerciser is made of hygienically superior lucite and is ideal for the absolute beginner. To use, insert the Isis as far as comfortable and squeeze your vaginal muscles around it. Start by using it lying down and eventually try to use your muscles to hold it in while standing up!

    If you don't have time to spare for regular exercise, let alone pelvic floor exercises then the Fun Factory Smart Balls are ideal for you! These top-quality, silicone-coated balls can be inserted into the vagina and held there whilst you do the ironing or even go to the shops, simply by clenching and holding your pelvic floor muscles! Not only are they great for kegel exercises, but they provide some fantastic sensations through the weighted balls that roll within the outer casing, which will have you smiling all day!

    Before you know it, you'll have a pelvic floor to be proud of! You'll notice the difference after just a few sessions and so will your partner!

    For more information about the pelvic floor muscle and how to exercise it, visit the Lovehoney guide to kegel exercises.

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