1. Four easy ways for men to enhance their sexual performance

    Durex Play Longer Delay Lube Sex should be a fun and enjoyable experience but there is often the underlying fear and pressure of not being able to perform in bed.

    Erection problems affect the majority of men at some point during their lives, but it's really no reason to panic!

    Here at Lovehoney we've got all kinds of sexy and safe enhancements to help you out.

    Delay Sprays and Creams

    Durex Play Longer Delay LubeMany men use delay sprays or creams to last longer in bed and prevent orgasm from happening too soon. Delay Lube slightly numbs the penis and therefore reduce the sensations that would normally bring about premature ejaculation.

    How Do I Use It?
    Spray or rub gently on to the head and shaft of the penis, normally between 5 and 15 minutes before intercourse to allow time for absorption to take place. Use the minimum amount that is required to prevent any over-numbing! During intercourse you will notice a slightly reduced feeling but it will still be just as pleasurable.

    Durex Play Longer Delay Lube comes highly recommended for its ability to prolong sexual pleasure. This great little lubricant is designed with climax control that can really reduce oversensitivity in the male during intercourse.

    Performance Enhancers

    Golden Root Complex 300mg Anxiety, stress and depression can make it difficult to get and maintain an erection, but by taking one of our fantastic, herbal, bedroom boosters you won't have to worry anymore!

    The way they work is to relax the muscles of the penis, allowing blood to enter more freely into the otherwise constricted arteries, creating a strong and hard erection upon arousal.

    How Do I Use It?
    If you are taking the pill or capsule form, simply take one, between 30 minutes and an hour before you intend on having sex.

    It should work quickly, giving you a full and hard erection, meaning more enjoyment for you and for her! One of the best performance enhancers is Golden Root Complex 300mg This impressive little blue capsule has some of the best reviews you can find:

    "I'm exhausted! We purchased the blue pill with an open mind, not really convinced it would work, but they do! Within 15 - 20 minutes my boyfriend was up like a shot and feeling him even bigger than normal was a shock to us both. We had really great sex and he was ready to go again in just 15 minutes!"

    Cock Rings

    Supple Vibrating Cock Ring Cock rings not only help with stamina and maintaining an erection, they also look fantastic and provide some unbelievable sensations for both you and your partner!

    Their function is to trap blood in the penis allowing it to become even more enlarged, feel harder and be more sensitive to the touch.

    How Do I Use It?
    Simply slide the cock ring down over your erect penis to the base where it will sit firmly, trapping the blood in and giving an ultra sensitive and engorged erection that can be maintained until the ring is removed.

    This Supple Vibrating Cock Ring is perfect for dual pleasure. The ring itself helps to prolong firmness whilst the textured vibe stimulates the clitoris perfectly!

    Cock Strap (aka The Ball Stretcher!)

    Love Labs Stud Strap Delay Control For Men Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? But this is one of bondage's best kept secrets that can prevent premature ejaculation and add a little bit of kink to your sex life!

    A cock strap is somewhat different to a cock ring (although the two often come combined), in that it specifically works on the testicles: As orgasm approaches, the testicles naturally rise. Wearing a cock strap around the scrotum stops the testicles rising and therefore delaying ejaculation until you're ready.

    How Do I Use It?
    Place the adjustable material around your scrotum and fasten securely. Many cock straps will come with a handle which can be pulled gently as climax approaches, moving the testicles away from the body and allowing you to go on and on and on…

    If delay creams aren't your thing then the Love Labs Stud Strap Delay Control for Men is! With its simple-but-effective design, this prestigious sex toy has been described as the "remote control for men"!

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