1. Hot Sex Tips for a Dirty Weekend

    Looking for a weekend of naughtiness to unleash your naked desires and enjoy the company of a lover (or three)? Check out our sexy tips to make the most of your special break!

    While many head off for city breaks in Europe or to Spain and the Greek Islands for rampant and casual fun in the sun, the sexiest and hottest place for a naughty stopover has to be right at home. A naughty weekend doesn't need to cost you the earth and we certainly wouldn't want to cut into your playtime by telling you to spend 2 hours waiting at an airport to board a plane: that would certainly put a dampener on even the horniest of weekend plans! So, we hear you ask, how do I do it?

    Lovehoney G-Whizz Waterproof Mini G-Spot VibratorWell, even the sexiest nights of spontaneous fun require planning, so we'd best get to it! The joy of naughty nights at hotels is that all you need is there waiting for you. All it takes is a single phone call and everything from dinner to fully-charged new sex toys ready to tingle that G-spot can be provided. So, like any good girl or boy scout, be prepared!

    Civil servant Alison, 36, recalls planning her first dirty weekend with her boyfriend Jack. They sat together on the sofa one night and discussed everything from positions and props to their fantasies. "Jack and I had been spicing our sex life up with some light bondage for a few months. We'd tied each other up and spanked and whipped to our hearts' content and it was fantastic. But the weekend let us take it one step further and what a step it was! I've never come so much in all my life and in so many different ways."

    Top Sex Tips

    1. Speak to your partner(s) beforehand to organise a date and make sure the kids, plants and pets are looked after as you won't be coming out of orgasmic ecstasy for at least a few hours!

    2. Think about all the sexual fun you've had in the past as well as the fantasies which have stoked your fire when you're on your own, and plan with your playmate what you'd like to try. These could include things such as:

    - Watching an adult DVD or sharing an erotic book together and re-enacting the horniest scenes.

    - Photographing or videotaping your fun: have cameras, film and batteries ready and charged, and enjoy watching your film or looking at photos during breathers as it will get you in the mood for saucier fun.

    - Watersports: worried about mess? Get a playsheet!

    - Food play: stock up your fridge with plenty of fruit and veg to keep it healthy!

    - Bondage and BDSM play: for newbies, try the Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Kit.

    Leg Avenue 4 Piece Pirate Girl Outfit- Role-play including master/servant, pirate/wench, doctor/patient fantasies.

    - Anal play with fingers, toys and tongues.

    - Outdoor fun or giving every room of the house a good seeing-to.

    3. Get shopping! Make sure your house is well-stocked with:

    - Food: just as an army can't fight on an empty stomach, you and your lover need to be kept full of energy. Add bananas, cucumbers, honey, golden syrup and chocolate spread to your list for late-night food fun.

    - Drink: keep yourself well-hydrated to keep your juices flowing. Put a bottle of champagne or fizzy wine into your shopping trolley and stick it on chill if you'd like to feel those cool bubbles tickling your most sensitive spots.

    - Lubricants: sexual lubricants are an instant way to enhance sexual pleasure with your sex toys or with your partner. Lovehoney sells all major lube brands including: Durex Play, K-Y Jelly, ID Glide, WET and Astroglide. For added pleasure, try the warming, flavoured and tingle lubes. And remember, you can NEVER have too much lube!

    Sensual Massage- Massage Oils and Lotions: let your hands explore your lover's body and get intimate!

    - Imagination: it doesn't cost a penny, so make sure you double up on your supplies!

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