1. MEN! 5 Steps to Successful Lingerie Shopping

    Lost when it comes to buying sexy lingerie for your girl? Can't tell your babydolls from your cami sets? Don't do anything until you have read our essential guide first.

    If there's a gift that both men and women can get mutual enjoyment from, it has to be lingerie. Sexy little numbers that skim your girl's butt cheeks, perk up her boobs and float over her tummy are the stuff (wet) dreams are made of.

    Buying lingerie for your wife, fiancée or girlfriend is one of the best gift ideas you'll ever have… if you get it right. We know that many of you think buying panties and bras requires some sort of GCSE in Underwear Shopping, but it needn't be that scary. To help you overcome your fear of lingerie shopping we've come up with a foolproof step-by-step guide below.

    Step 1: Know her bra and pant size

    Seven Til Midnight Naughty Little Secret Bra and Garter SetIf you've always fancied yourself as an undercover agent, now is the time to put those detective skills of yours to good use. Walking straight up to your partner and asking what size her boobs are will either a) provoke a slap in the face or b) spark a bout of self-consciousness on her part because she'll think her boobs are too small. It's a delicate issue, and if you steam in there you won't be seeing those boobs for quite some time.

    The best way to find out your girl's bra size is to scout through her underwear drawer when she's not around. Look at the tag on one of her bras and there will be a number followed by a letter. For example, 38C. This is the magic number you're looking for, as this is the cup size you will need to order your girl's bra in. The shape, fabric and design of some bras will mean your girl will move up or down a bra size, so have a look at a few different bras and take the average size.

    The same goes for panties. If she doesn't have any labels on her pants (some girls cut them off because they can be irritating when rubbing against the skin), have a look at the label on a pair of her jeans. That is a great indicator of what size panties she wears.

    Step 2: Find out what she wears most

    Seven Til Midnight Crotchless Lace Boyshort KnickersNext thing to look out for in your partner's underwear drawer is the design and fabric of lingerie that she seems to buy more than any other. Bras come in a variety of different shapes and fabrics, and offer more versatility now than just supporting your girl's boobs. For example, you can now buy multi-way bras, strapless bras, peak-a-boo bras, padded bras, underwired bras, non-wired bras, gel-filled bras and insert bras (that's chicken fillets to you).

    Panties are just the same, with variations including thongs, strings, French knickers, Brazilian knickers, full briefs (yuck!), minis, hipsters and girl boxers. Apply the same method you used when finding your girl's average bra size and take note of which pant and bra fabric, design and type crops up the most. Stick fairly close to these and you'll be on safe ground.

    Step 3: Describe her shape

    Sweet Streak Pleated Georgette and Lace Baby Doll SetRegardless of whether you want to see your girl's booty bounce around in a tiny thong, she may want to cover it up, so taking into account your girl's shape is of paramount importance when buying lingerie for her. In general, corsets, basques and balconette bras show off big boobs to great affect; ruffled pants help cover up big bottoms; baby dolls like the Sweet Streak Pleasted Georgette Lace Babydoll Set are a sultry way of covering up wobbly tummies; and tiny thongs are a godsend for long, luscious legs.

    Step 4: Be realistic about how saucy she is

    Classified Sunburst Sweet Dreams ChemiseYou may wish your girl was as adventurous as Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick rolled into one, but if in reality that doesn't transfer to the bedroom then you may have to hold back from buying that pair of crotchless briefs.

    If your girl is more of a PJ and hot cocoa before bed type, introduce her to the world of sexier nighttime wear without scaring her by choosing something from our sexy nightwear section.

    Step 5: Pick colours that will match her sexual personality

    Livia Corsetti Liliana Sheer Chemise with Floral Lace and G-StringWe know black is a safe colour, but if there are some vibrant prints and fabrics among her lingerie collection then you could experiment and buy something a little more unusual.

    If you're not lucky enough to find different-coloured lingerie in your girl's underwear drawer but still want to see her strut her stuff in something other than black or white, pink is a safe choice to start you off and a lot less racy than devilish red.

    Finally, once you have chosen some lingerie from our sexy pages, wrap it up in the most expensive gift wrap you can afford. Presentation is everything, as your girlfriend will demonstrate when she models her new lingerie for you.

    Need more help?

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    The other great place to look for people's advice on lingerie is on the Lovehoney Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.

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    • dave gilson: September 04, 2009 20:56
      i would love to but some thing for a very special lady. but i dont have a credit or debit card so can i pay by postal order for any goods i would like
    • LoveHoney Steve: October 08, 2009 16:36

      Hi Dave, sorry for the late response - you can order by postal order.

      Check out this page - under the heading Order By Post.