1. Kegel exercises for pelvic floor muscles

    And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! It's not just your hips, thighs and tums that need toning. If you want ultra-tight vaginal muscles you have to work for them!

    Tons of women wish their vaginal muscles were a lot tighter than they actually are. The most common cause of slack muscles is having a baby – all that pushing is bound to have an effect – but there are other reasons why your vaginal muscles slacken, and sometimes it's just a matter of getting older and experiencing many different lovers.

    Whatever your reason for wanting tighter vaginal muscles, there's a certain exercise you can do daily to whip those muscles back in to shape. Don't panic! This isn't an exercise you have to do down the gym in a sweaty class along with 30 other women.

    What are Kegel exercises?

    Kegel exercises have been specifically designed to work your Kegel muscle, also known as the Pubococcygeus or PC muscle. After a few weeks 'training' you'll be able to grip your man's penis with your vaginal muscles like never before. These are internal exercises and involve a series of squeezing and releasing your Kegel muscle.

    You can carry out these exercises while in bed or while lying on the floor, and you should spend 5-10 minutes a day developing your muscle with the Kegel exercises. You can do them without a specific Kegel exerciser, but the majority of women report faster and better results through using one.

    How to find your Kegel muscle

    Kegel Master Vaginal ExerciserBefore you can exercise your Kegel muscle, you need to know where it is. Thankfully, it is extremely easy to locate and painless to find. The most popular way to locate your Kegel muscle quickly is to stop and start the flow of your urine while going to the loo.

    This will help you to understand what the Kegel muscle does and how developing its strength will have a positive effect on your sex life.

    Another method of locating your Kegel muscle is to lie on your back and insert a clean finger inside your vagina and squeeze your muscles around your finger. Once the muscles grip tightly around your finger, that's when you are using your Kegel muscle. Now that you've found it, it's time to get to work.

    How to exercise your Kegel muscle

    Once again, lie down on your back and place either one or two supportive pillows under your head. Bend your knees and keep both of your feet flat on the floor and as close to your buttocks as possible. Try and relax everything except your Kegel muscle.

    At first you'll find this hard to do without clenching your stomach, thigh and buttock muscles at the same time. An easy way to get around this is to use your clean finger again and tighten and release your vaginal muscle until you have a bit more control over it.

    Natural Contours Energie Kegel ExerciserOnce you can do that, apply some lubricant such as KY Jelly or Yes Organic Lubricant to your Kegel exerciser and place it just inside your vaginal opening. Take a deep breath, then relax your vaginal muscle as you exhale and squeeze and release your Kegel muscle around your exerciser.

    Take another deep breath then exhale, relaxing the vagina as you slowly insert the Kegel muscle exerciser another inch. Again squeeze and release the PC muscle several times and continue this process until full penetration of your Kegel exerciser has been achieved.

    For the first two weeks, exercise with your Kegel exerciser for 10 minutes every day, then every other day for 5 minutes to steadily increase strength. Cleanse your Kegel exerciser after every single use.

    What Kegel exercises can I use?

    There are numerous Kegel exercisers around at the moment, but we love these ones in particular and find that they yield the best results fastest. First up we have the Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser, which acts like a vaginal barbell for increasing your Kegel muscle stamina and strength.

    The Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser is the original Kegel muscle exerciser and helps get your vaginal muscles nice and tight for better sex and stronger orgasms.

    Berman Center Juno Weighted Pelvic ExerciserLastly, we have the Berman Centre Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser, a graduated, seamless, smooth pelvic exerciser made of hygenically superior lucite, with a succession of graduated, weighted balls, developed by renowned sexologist Dr Laura Berman of the Berman Center. So now you know where your Kegel muscle is, how to exercise and what to exercise with, it's time to start pumping some muscle!