1. How To Get The Sexy Gifts You Want (And Deserve!)

    How To Get The Sexy Gifts You Want (And Deserve!)

    If you don't want to be stuck with yet another box of chocolates and a book on HTML For Dummies on your special day, learn how to drop hints like a pro and sit back and watch the sexy gifts roll in…

    We know we should be grateful for what we receive, but sometimes it's hard to hide the disappointment on our faces when we get yet another yoga mat even though we haven't used last year's version yet. And as for the Egyptian cotton towel bale - nice gift, but hardly a Tantus FeelDoe Vibrating Double Dildo, is it?

    If you're desperate for a new sex toy but don't know how to approach your partner about it, dropping clear, concise hints about your sexy needs will get you close to that Double Dildo (without having to buy it yourself) than ever before. Dropping a clear hint about what you want is paramount, and will mean the difference between getting a Jessica Rabbit Vibrator and a copy of Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    Men are from Mars

    We all know about the glaring differences between men and women when it comes to buying gifts, but that gulf is even wider when it comes to having the ability to drop hints about what we want. It seems that women are pros at dropping hints while men have trouble with the concept. That's not to say that women have got nothing to worry about though…

    I Rub My DuckieYou may think that your subtle hint will get you that gorgeous I Rub My Duckie bath-time vibrator on Christmas Day, but if you're too subtle the only thing that'll be floating in your bathtub is your boyfriend's pubic hairs.

    In short: girls, if you want your partner to actually take your hint onboard and act upon it, you may have to reinforce it a few times. Don't confuse him by throwing in a few variations on one product: stick to your guns and he'll get it in the end.

    Men, on the other hand, don't be bashful. If you want a sex toy, casually mention that you'd like to find out whether an Aneros Prostate Massager will make you come like a rocket when combined with a little hand or blowjob from your girl. She'll take the hint.

    Our Top 5 hint-dropping tips

    Master our top 5 hint-dropping tips below and you will wake up on Christmas morning to a feast of sex toys and naughty goodies.

    Tip 1: Talk about it in bed
    Lie in bed together and share a few sexy fantasies with each other. This is the perfect time to drop hints - and listen to any hints your lover might be imparting - about what sexy gifts and toys you want. His post-coital glow will make him more amenable to your suggestions.

    Durex Play Very Cherry LubricantTip 2: Go shopping together
    Girls: this doesn't mean you can subject him to every clothing shop in the vicinity. Guys: this isn't carte blanche for you to drag her around every gadget store you can find. Go shopping with each other to buy your family and friends gifts and you'll soon discover opportunities to drop hints about what you want.

    Tip 3: Surf online together
    Remember all the hints you've picked up so far from shopping together and sharing fantasies in bed? Now is the time to reinforce your hints, leaving your lover with little doubt about what you're looking for. For example, if one of your fantasies is about being spanked by your boyfriend, clicking on our Ultimate Fantasy Bondage Kit and commenting on its naughty potential should spark something in his head.

    Double Juicer Double DongTip 4: Enlist the help of your partner's friends
    Probing your partner's mates is a great way to find out what he/she wants for Christmas, but it's also a useful way for you to drop hints about what you want for Christmas. Just go easy when mentioning the Double Juicer Double Dong.

    Tip 5: Leave our brochure lying around!
    If all your sex toy hints seem to be going in one ear and out the next, leave our magazine lying around with little marks next to the products you're interested in! If he doesn't get the hint then, you may have to have a polite word…

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