1. Sex toys that travel well

    Summer lovin' had me a buzzin', as Olivia Newton-John almost sang. Find out which vibes are best to pack when you're heading off on holiday…

    But Livvy knows that "don't forget your vibrator" easily trumps "don't forget your toothbrush" on your list of things to scribble on the bathroom mirror the night before you jet off for sun, sea, sand and sizzle. And all those long lie-ins and woozy siestas are perfect for trying out new toys, lubes and massage treats with your other half. There's no work in the morning, so you're free to play all night long… the hotel room (or beach) really is your Oyster.

    Packing your toys

    Of course we'd be happy for you to fill your suitcase with Honey's entire collection, but we'd hate to think of that great big security lunk opening your case in front of Heathrow's finest. So it's wise to pick discreet toys and pack them with care. There are also a few safety provisos to bear in mind when packing gadgets, batteries and lubricants. Just follow Honey's tips and you can't go wrong.

    Rule 1: Pick security-friendly toys

    Mantric Deluxe Lipstick Mini VibratorSecurity has been stepped up at UK airports of late, and it's almost certain that all your luggage will be x-rayed or hand-searched. If anything that even slightly resembles a weapon is spotted, it will be confiscated. And believe us, they'll have an awful lot of fun in the security staff room with your Heavy Metal Dildo. Vibe fans should peruse Honey's Small section: the Lipstick Vibe is a genius travel solution, and the new travel size I Rub My Duckie rubber duck vibrator won't raise any eyebrows in Customs. Bondage cats, leave your Rubber Whips for a homecoming treat and pack something that looks more innocuous, like the Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Kit.

    Rule 2: Pack batteries separately

    Unfamiliar battery-operated items don't go down too well with the x-ray watchers, and if you keep batteries in your vibe they may leak and ruin your toy and your luggage. Try balling them up inside your socks.

    Rule 3: Bag it up

    Coconut Passion Fruit Massage CreamA bottle of Gourmet Chocolate Massage Oil or Coconut Passion Fruit Massage Cream massage oil could really help your holiday go with an oooh, but as with any liquids they should be packed with extra care. Only use plastic bottles, and only fill them to the three-quarter mark in case the contents freeze and expand in the luggage hold. We'd recommend wrapping the bottles in an extra plastic bag or two to be on the safe side.

    Rule 4: Small is beautiful

    Another lube solution is to pack a handful of lube sample sizes rather than one full-sized bottle. Not only will this give you more scope for experimenting, but they're less likely to empty all over your clothes in transit, and you can throw away small amounts of unused lube at the end of your holiday. We'd recommend the ID Juicy Lube Pack of ten 10ml flavoured sachets, including Wild Cherry and Bubblegum Blast. Every suitcase should have one.

    Rule 5: Don't panic!

    Chances are you'll have to let the security chaps have a good rummage through your smalls. If they do find something you wish they hadn't, remember they've been doing this for a long time, and they've seen far worse than your Lady Lustfinger. The experienced staff tend to ask if there's anything embarrassing in your luggage before they go exploring.

    Or if you have an exhibitionist streak, just let them at it and enjoy the looks on everyone's faces!

    The right toy for your trip

    Want to take some playthings on your honeymoon or romantic getaway, but can't decide what to buy? It depends partly, of course, on what you like – for some detailed advice on choosing the right toy for you, click here. But it also depends on where you're going on holiday. Allow Honey to explain…

    Sun, sea and sand

    If you're off for a hot beach break, you'll be grateful for at least one water resistant toy and lubricant. An ideal seaside companion is the Natural Contours Waterproof Jolie, a quiet toy that's completely water-resistant and perfect for saucy seafarers. If that's not discreet enough for your tastes, try the Waterproof Mini Mite, a weeny but powerful 5-inch mini vibe that has no fewer than four massaging heads to add a bit of variety to playtime. Honey's Wet and Wild Waterproof Sex Toy Kit is a brilliant seaside holiday solution, since its 15 (count 'em!) pieces will cover all your pleasure bases. It's like an x-rated travel first aid kit!

    Romantic getaway

    Adult Toybox Sex Toy CaseIt goes without saying that travel packs like the Adult Toybox Sex Toy Case are ideal for dirty weekend trips. To add even more romantic spice, head for Honey's Best Sellers For Couples section and take your pick from the double-the-fun toys like Glow In The Dark Foreplay Dice, or the yummylicious Chocolate Body Paint Tube. And what could be better than livening up a romantic meal for two with a bit of remote control fun - the brilliant Lovehoney Dream Egg will have you quivering more than that blancmange for dessert… you'll never know when he'll click that button!

    Strictly business

    Silencer Quiet VibratorOK, let's be honest. Work trips are tiring, often boring and lonely, and don't leave you with much free time to play with I Rub My Duckie in the bath. But that doesn't mean you have to deny yourself fun and pleasure. Pack a discreet finger vibe like the Fukuoku or Frisky Fingers Kit that you can whip out of your briefcase when you've got a few minutes of downtime. Another great idea is the Silencer, an 8-inch contoured vibrator whose barely-there noise won't disturb the people in the next hotel room.

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