1. Penis pumps - get the most from your pump

    So, you've bought your penis pump and have a basic understanding of how it works. Now you're ready for our five-point plan about how to get more from your penis pump!

    In our introduction to penis pumps we've already established that they are a brilliant gizmo for giving you harder and more monstrous erections, but now that you have a penis pump we want to give you a few handy pointers on how to work your pump to the max.

    Lust Buster PumpWhether you are using a penis pump to increase the size of your penis, maintain and prolong your erections or to masturbate, take your pumping to the next level with our five-point penis pump plan.

    1 Prepare your pump and penis

    Just as you would stretch and warm-up your muscles before a hard-slog at the gym, you should warm-up your penis muscles before indulging in a spot of pumping.

    There's an extra grooming tip that will make your penis pumping session much more sexually lucrative. Shaving the pubic hairs at the base of your penis (check out our pubic hair shaving guide for tips) will help create a tighter seal between the base of your shaft and the penis pump cylinder.

    ID Cream Tube (97g)Combined with a generous dollop of lubricant, such as ID Cream lube, and a universal pump seal, the extra-tight suction will satiate those of you who crave a blow-job effect.

    If you haven't done so already, you should always read the instructions that come with your penis pump and familiarise yourself with the quick release button before you begin pumping so that you can play with confidence.

    2 Take it easy to begin with

    Good things come to those who wait, and following a similar train of thought you should start slowly if you're new to penis pumps. As a general rule, you should apply minimal pressure when pumping for the first time, and release your penis from the cylinder within 10 minutes of pumping.

    Only when you're used to using a penis pump will you be able to increase the pump pressure and the amount of time you work your penis for. Always stop if you experience pain.

    Penis pumps are a great toy for using as part of your sexual foreplay with a partner, so why not teach them how to use your penis pump and lie back and enjoy their handiwork? Just make sure they lube up your penis before using the pump, and then they can pump you up as much as you both want – try it after sex for a second helping!

    The other great reason for using a penis pump as part of your foreplay is that it gets you both used to using the pump, discovering your limits and what works for you.

    3 Pimp your penis pump!

    Sidekick Elastomer Masturbation Sleeve (Ribbed)If you are using your penis pump as a way to masturbate, invest in a penis sleeve such as the Sidekick Elastomer Masturbation Sleeve (Ribbed) for increased stimulation. You can choose from textured sleeves (knobbly, prickled and ribbed) or smooth sleeves for varying sensations when masturbating.

    4 Play while you pump

    Maintaining a sexy mood while using a penis pump with your partner can be difficult if not handled correctly. As we said earlier, get your partner to use the pump on your penis instead of them sitting there, waiting for the pump to do its thing. That way, your partner will feel involved and you'll both be able to control how big your penis grows!

    As with normal male masturbatory techniques, make sure you explore your anus, nipples and scrotum with your free hand while your other hand operates the penis pump.

    Aneros Progasm Prostate MassagerIf you feel up to it, why not use a butt plug or anal dildo at the same time as your penis pump? Prostate stimulation on top of penile stimulation will drive you wild! To begin with, check out the smaller butt plugs and dildos such as the Jelly Butt Plug, Doc Johnson Butt plug, Heavy Metal Dildo or even the Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager.

    5 Good Vibrations

    If you want to make your cock bigger and your erections harder while enjoying the sensation of a vibrator, make sure you get your mitts around a vibrating penis pump.

    Simple to use and guaranteed to get your blood pumping, vibrating penis pumps such as the Dr Vax Pump, with its vibrating love bullet, Formula Sexx Vacuum Pump, with a powerful multi-speed vibrator, and Lust Buster Pump are the perfect pumps for your vibration-loving penis.