1. Batteries for your Sex Toys and Vibrators

    Batteries for your Sex Toys and Vibrators

    Many websites offer free batteries when you buy a vibrator or sex toys. Why doesn't Lovehoney? Because you need good ones!

    Sex toys and vibrators are high-drain electrical items that require quality, alkaline batteries. The free batteries supplied by some sites are typically low-quality non-alkaline batteries which don't supply enough power to get a decent buzz and are liable to leak under the strain.

    Lovehoney only supplies brand-name batteries from Duracell and Vinnic so your sex toys and vibrators always have the power they need.

    More useful battery tips

    Duracell AAAAlways make sure your batteries are fresh - there's nothing worse than a vibrator losing its power when you're on the verge of orgasm.

    If your vibrator won't start, make sure you have inserted the batteries correctly. If you're not sure, try them the other way around, just in case.

    Duracell CRead the product description and make sure to insert the correct amount of batteries. Many vibrators come with a removable battery pack that allows you to insert batteries to both sides, so always check!

    Duracell NMake sure the metal contact points in your vibrator are connecting with the ends of your batteries. Don't be afraid to twizzle the batteries around to make the connection!

    Duracell 9VLet your vibrator run for a few seconds before using it to make sure the batteries are OK and that it will last the duration of your play session.

    Always take the batteries out of your vibrator when you have finished using it. They'll last longer that way.

    Getting water inside the battery pack will instantly cause your sex toy to stop working. Always make sure to tighten the battery compartment tightly before use.

    Do not use rechargeable batteries with your vibrator - they tend to be slightly larger than regular batteries and have a habit of getting stuck inside your favourite sex toy!

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