1. Intimate Pubic Shaving Guide

    Cookie cutters, razor blades, tweezers and nail clippers – you wouldn't believe how some people attempt to shave and trim their pubic hair! Here's how to do your pubic shaving the right way…

    Millions of people shave their pubic hair on an almost daily basis, but many are causing unnecessary rashes, bumps and nicks. Shaving backwards against the growth of your hair, tweezering out individual pubes and using unshielded razor blades are just a few of the shaving faux pas we've come across. Not to mention the growing trend for girls to shape their pubic hair with depilatory cream and a cookie cutter…

    Whether you're a woman who wants a neat Landing Strip or Brazilian pubic design or even completely shaved, or a guy who's at home with a clean-shaven pair of balls and trimmed penis shaft, there are certain products and tips you should use to get a sexy result without looking like your pubic area has broken out in chickenpox.

    To shave or not to shave

    Just because you want to shave your pubic region doesn't mean you have to shave. Although it's widely considered to be the most effective way of shaving your bits and maintaining them hair-free on a daily basis, as well as heightening the sensitivity of your clit and pubis, shaving with razors can often lead to razor rash, nicks and intense hair regrowth, which means even more shaving.

    Jenna Jameson Hot TrimmerYou could try out a range of electric and battery-operated shavers that have been specially designed for use on pubic regions. The Smoothshave Intimate Area Shaving Starter Pack comes complete with trimmer, shaver, talc and brush, and the Jenna Jameson Hot Trimmer, the only pubic shaver endorsed by an adult entertainment celebrity! (That's 'porn star' to you and me…)

    Depilatory creams work for some people and are easily applied, but they can often irritate sensitive skin and may leave your naughty bits feeling a bit rough around the edges compared to a razor shave. If you've got sensitive skin (and let's face it, everyone's pubic skin is sensitive), then depilatory creams are best left on the shelf.

    Sugaring and waxing are becoming more popular as a way to slough off those pesty pubes, although you must be careful not to apply too much product to one particular area or leave the wax strip on for longer than a second otherwise you could end up removing layers of your skin along with your pubes. Ouch!

    The successful pubic shaving guide

    Wet Intimo Total Body Shave Cream for Women 262mlSo even though there are creams and waxes available for DIY pubic hairdressers, we reckon nothing beats a good old-fashioned shave. And with that in mind, here's our top tips for pubic shaving success:

    Do not use shaving foam on your pubic area as this will irritate and clog up your pores, leading to rashes, spots and itchiness. Instead, opt for a rich shaving gel or silky shaving oil to moisturise and protect your pubic skin as you shave. We recommend WET Intimo Total Body Shave Cream for Women or WET Rash Free Total Body Shave Cream for Men.

    Once you've got your razor and shaving gel or oil at the ready, it's time to tackle that bush! The first step is to trim back as much of the excess pubic hair as possible so that your razor doesn't get clogged up and become blunt. Use a pair of nail scissors or nasal hair scissors to snip away the length of your pubes before shaving.

    Next, soak yourself in a hot shower or bath for at least 10 minutes to expand the pores on your pubic skin and soften the hair follicles so that the pubes are softer and easier to shave off.

    Apply a generous amount of shaving gel or oil and leave it soak in for a few minutes before shaving, as this will soften the pubic hair follicles even further.

    Never shave a portion of your skin that isn't protected by shaving gel or oil, otherwise you could cut your skin and risk an infection or cause a rash.

    Begin by shaving in the same direction as your normal hair growth and rinse your shaver after every couple of swipes. Do not attempt to shave against the direction of your normal hair growth as this is a sure-fire way of nicking your skin and making you look like you've got the Pox.

    Once you have shaved in the direction of your normal hair growth, shave across it to get a really clean shave. Never shave against the direction of your hair's normal growth unless you are well protected by shaving gel or oil, as this movement is very harsh on your sensitive pubic skin and invariably leads to cuts.

    Bikini Line Trim Hair ClipperThe labia is a much more intricate area to get your razor around. For this area, you may want to invest in specially designed bikini razors such as the Bikini Line Trim Hair Clipper. When shaving your labia, stretch your skin out full and shave towards your inner thigh.

    For guys who want to shave their balls, follow the same guidelines as above and stretch out your skin and shave towards your inner thigh.

    When you have removed as much pubic hair as you desire, gently rinse your naughty bits with cool water to close the pores or use a non-alcohol based toner. Then gently pat dry and apply a sensitive skin moisturiser or baby lotion.

    How to prevent stubble

    If you take your time shaving your pubic area it is possible to shave it every other day without causing irritation, nicks and bumps. But it is a good idea to let your pubic hair grow back for three or four days every now and then to prevent breakouts. Once of the best preventative methods is to use a loofah or exfoliating mitt on your pubic region every day to remove the top layer of dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

    You should also keep the area well moisturised as this will keep hairs at bay for longer. Aside from baby moisturisers, which are great for softening skin post-shave and preventing stubble, creams containing Benzoyl Peroxide (available from most chemists) are effective in reducing razor rash and pubic spots caused by shaving. If you're particularly prone to irritation, use two to three drops of tea tree oil in your bath after shaving to neutralise the irritation.

    Also, if you find the idea of shaving every other day too much like hard work, show your partner how to shave you properly and have you own erotic shaving party. Best keep the bathroom light on and leave the candles and the wine until after the shaving part is over, though!

    Comments (12)

    • amy: May 14, 2009 20:26
      NO matter what i try after shavingits always itchy and i cant resist but scratching, ive tried moisturisers and soothing cream for after shaving. please help!
    • aliss: June 08, 2009 21:55
      same here, i have tried most of the above, but even trimming with scissors or a razor results in really bad itching, shaving is worse. any tips?
    • sarah: July 02, 2009 19:51
      i know the feeling, after i have shaved i use nivia cream on it everymorning and night and this seems to keep the itch to a minimum
    • sol: July 07, 2009 13:49
      y dnt u guys jus wax?
    • LoveHoney - Carly: July 08, 2009 09:25
      Many people do not wax as it is too painful. Due to the sensitivity of the area, many women find waxing causes swelling, soreness and occasionally bleeding.

      Shaving is also, often, a cheaper and easier alternative due to the availability of rechargeable and disposable razors as opposed to the availability of a professional waxer/beauty technician.

    • sarah: July 08, 2009 19:53
      i tried waxing, my friend does the extreme waxing so i had it all waxed off a few times but i couldnt cope with picking the in growing hairs out!
    • Diana Cox: July 16, 2009 01:11
      I have to say that each girl is different in which method of shaving suits her. For me it would be hair removing cream as i dont get the shaving rash and the stubble is not as coarse. However, although much more expensive in the long run proffesional waxing is probably the most effective. Although not quite the same at home waxing kits are very easily accessible but a lot of woman are apprehensive about using these as they dont' have much confidence in them. If you soften the pubic hair before hand by soaking in a hot bath or dabbing with hot water to open the pores this helps the hair to wax more effectively. My only word of warning would be to not leave the wax strip on for too long as this is the cause of the breakage of skin and thats not good! Good luck girlies!
    • emma: August 07, 2009 14:47
      me and my boyfriend love erotic shaving. its a real turn on. we have swinging parties where we do this.its a cheap and easy way to keep things tidy and fun!!
    • Angel: August 26, 2009 22:04
      I keep mine natural and bushy. My partner love's it and it saves me the pain and hassle.
    • Alexey: September 18, 2009 15:41
      It all sounds like a lot of effort simply using the wrong tools for the job. I bought a Cleancut shaver (made in Japan) from Body4Real and it works superbly and requires very little effort to trim and the shave your pubic region and achieve a super smooth finish. I know there are a lot of very poor quality Chinese made shaver out there and the one thing they have in common is that they're NOT very good! You need the Japanese made one...
    • patman207: September 26, 2009 15:08
      I often shave my partner, it usually leads to fantastic sex.
      I can't get her to even think about shaving me.
      I am sure given time she would enjoy doing it and again would lead to fantastic sex
    • Paula: October 12, 2009 22:10
      i keep mine shaved and smooth all the time. I thinks it looks and feels so nice. My partner really likes it like that and when we have sex it just feels so much nicer against his body
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