1. Spanking and whipping - how to get cracking

    Whip your partner into shape and spank your way to a sizzling sex life by using a combination of spanking and whipping as part of your sexual repertoire…

    Using whips and spanking paddles is a harmless and provocative way of picing up your sex life and opening up new sexual avenues for you and your partner to explore. Just like bondage and other BDSM activities, spanking and whipping are naughty pleasures that serve as a great introduction to the wider S&M arena.

    Spank TiesIndulge yourself and your partner in some punishment role play by using a whip or spanking paddle to dish out small amounts of pain in response to naughty activities.

    Pain can be an overwhelming sensation that will boost your orgasms to new levels, due to the brain releasing chemicals called endorphins to help reduce the pain caused by a spank or slap. You may also relish the physical effect of seeing a temporary mark left on your lover's butt, thigh or leg due to the punishment you have dished out.

    Hand WhipWhipping, slapping or spanking your lover's butt, thigh or legs will also heighten the nerve endings in the targeted area, making your lover's skin much more responsive to stroking, licking, biting, nibbling and scratching after it has been struck with a whip or paddle.

    But before you start experimenting with different toys, remember that you should never strike your lover anywhere other than on their fleshy parts and never strike them in the face. You should also test out how hard you use your toy on your own hand first before turning it on your partner.

    Whip your lover into a frenzy

    Whipsmart 14 Inch Rubber WhipIf you and your partner are just starting out with BDSM activities such as whipping, you should steer clear of one-tail whips to begin with because these generate the most pain as the single tail has direct impact with the skin and can actually cause lesions and welts if hit too hard against your lover's body.

    Until you both build up your pain thresholds, go for a multi-tail whip such as the Joyce Jones Cat O Nine-tails whip, the Leather Whip With Handle or the Sportsheets Rubber Whip, with plenty of rubber fronds to spread the impact.When nothing but a single-tail or 'hard plastic' whip will do, go for the Dildo Whip, which features a generous six-inch dildo and 24-inch crop, or the devilishly naughty Hand Whip, which will leave a red-hot handprint on your lover's backside or any other fleshy part you wish to punish!

    Spanky panky

    If you and your lover prefer a good, hard thwack of a paddle, check out the Sportsheets range of Love Hearts, and Slut.

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