1. Sex Toys Recycling

    It's time to go green! New EU regulations mean that you shouldn't throw your old sex toys in the bin. Recycle your vibrators with Lovehoney's Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling scheme.

    Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling

    Under the EU Waste Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Regulations introduced on 1 July, householders have a Duty of Care to dispose of waste electrical equipment properly – it's no longer good enough to throw old electrical equipment, including vibrators, in the kitchen bin.

    Lovehoney is committed to adopting greener business practices that will benefit both its customers and the environment. Lovehoney has joined the Distributor Takeback Scheme to meet its obligations under the WEEE regulations and has gone one step further by launching the Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling scheme.

    As well as paying to recycling the vibrators sent back to us, for each rabbit returned through the Rabbit Amnesty Scheme, Lovehoney will also donate £1 to The World Land Trust (WLT) in support of the charity's tropical forest land purchase and protection projects.

    How will the rabbit vibrators be recycled?

    We will collect the vibrators and pay for them to be recycled at a Designated Collection Facility. This is in addition to Lovehoney meeting its responsibilities as a member of an approved Distributor Takeback Scheme (DTS).

    Exactly what happens at the DCF is set out in the WEEE regulations - the DCFs are run by licensed companies who have to treat and recycle to the necessary environmental standards. We hope to be able to follow our first batch of vibrators through the process to find out exactly what happens.

    The vibrators will be stripped of components that can be reused - these would most likely be resold. Printed circuit boards, which many vibrators feature, contain hazardous metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury. It is the DCF's responsibility to ensure that these are disposed of to the legal environmental standards. Specialist recyclers will normally recover these materials.

    If any vibrators are returned in boxes, the cardboard will be sent to a specialist cardboard recycler for processing.

    If you want to recycle your vibrator yourself, you can find their nearest Designated Collection Facility here.

    But of course we hope you'll use Rabbit Amnesty!

    Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling

    Comments (6)

    • confused: May 29, 2009 10:05
      I'm a bit confused, I have an old, worn out vibrator/dildo sitting around in my drawer but it's not a 'rabbit'. Can I still donate it to the amnesty.
    • LoveHoney Steve: May 29, 2009 11:44
      Hi confused...

      You can send your old vibrator/dildo to the Rabbit Amnesty and get a new Rabbit half price.



    • more confused: August 02, 2009 17:30
      Mine cannot really even be called a dildo/vibrator as such, it's a small buzzing clitoral stimulator, can I send that to the amnesty (which I think is a terrific idea) and get a half price rabbit? Thanks.
    • LoveHoney - Carly: August 03, 2009 08:54
      Hi more confused!

      You can send in absolutely any sex toy to be recycled - as long as it has electrical components.

      Just follow the instructions on the Rabbit Amnesty page and get sending!



    • Alex: October 08, 2009 10:15
      I have lots of toys and I just want to send them somewhere without buying anything else. I do not particularly want to go and put them in the local dump. It is a bit embarassing.

      Please give me a suggestion

    • LoveHoney - Carly: October 08, 2009 15:02
      Hi Alex,

      We can recycle all sex toys with electrical components at LoveHoney! So if your sex toy is battery or mains operated, we can dispose of them safely for you.

      Simply send them to:

      Rabbit Amnesty
      C/O LH Trading Returns
      Unit A, Locksbrook Road
      BA1 3EU

      You don't have to have a half price rabbit if you don't want one! We're happy to just do our bit for the environment!

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