1. The Real Sex And the City Rabbit Vibrator

    Ever wondered which is the original rabbit vibrator that caused such a sensation when it was seen in Sex And The City? Our super-sleuths have re-watched the series and bring you this exclusive expose!

    Ever since the girls of Sex And The City revealed the magic of the rabbit vibrator to the world, it's been the must-have sex toy for women. And no wonder - its vibrating rabbit ears are able to stimulate the clitoris like no other vibrator have been able to before or since.

    The Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator But if you want to follow the Sex And The City trendsetters to orgasmic bunny-eared heaven, which rabbit is it that you should buy? Sure, there are lots of rabbit vibrators to choose from, and some even claim to be the rabbit that was featured in Sex And The City. So we decided to find out, once and for all, which is the truly world-famous Sex And The City Rabbit.

    Let's load up Sex And The City Season 1, Episode 9, "The Turtle and The Hare" and find out!

    Early in the episode, the girls are sitting round having one of their frequent lunches and talk turns, as always, to sex. And, more specifically, men:

    Miranda: In 50 years, men are going to be obsolete anyway. Already you can't talk to them, you don't need 'em to have kids with. You don't even need them to have sex with anymore, as I've just VERY pleasantly discovered.

    Samantha: Uh ohhh, sounds like someone got their very first vibrator.

    Miranda: Not first - the ultimate. And I think I'm in love.

    Carrie: Welll I'm not going to replace my man with some battery-operated device.

    Miranda: You say that, but you haven't met The Rabbit… I know where my next orgasm is coming from - who here can say as much?

    Miranda shows Carrie and Charlotte the Rabbit for the first time

    Ever the friend, Miranda decides to Carrie and Charlotte on a shopping trip to one of New York's erotic stores. Now, some UK high street sex toy shops would have you believe that one of the rabbits on their over-priced shelves is the one that Miranda persuaded Carrie and Charlotte to buy. Of course, they're wrong, as becomes plain When we meet the Rabbit for the first time.

    It's pink and has a remote control!

    Carrie: $92!

    Miranda: Please, think about the money we spend on shoes.

    Charlotte: Look Oh it's so cute. It's pink! For girls! I love the little bunny ears.

    Carrie: It's even got a remote - how lazy do you have to be?

    Carrie gives the Rabbit's ears a playful tweak As you can see when Carrie gives the Rabbit's ears a playful tweak, the Rabbit is a pretty shade of pink and its shaft is packed with little white beads.

    For some reason, her gaze doesn't wander to the back of the shop where they're selling 18-inch realistic double-dongs. Perhaps she pops back for one of those later.

    Which could explain why she eventually settles for Mr Big. Anyway, we digress…

    Carrie tries the Rabbit in bed In bed that night, Carrie ponders the Rabbit, and shows us that the remote control is connected to the vibrator with a wire. No built-in controller or wireless remote here.

    How good is the Rabbit? Very. So good, in fact, that it turns Charlotte into an orgasm-addict recluse who sees no need to go out and date men.

    Miranda and Carrie take drastic action - they perform a Rabbit Intervention and confiscate Charlotte's rabbit, which she was hiding behind a stuffed rabbit. Bless.

    So, what have we learned about The Sex And The City Rabbit?

    • 1 It was bought in a shop in New York.

    • 2 It is pink.

    • 3 It has small, white jiggling beads, not large rotating silver balls.

    • 4 It has a remote control.

    • 5 The remote control is connected to the Rabbit with a wire.

    The Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator In short, this is it!

    Lovehoney is the only UK sex shop where you can buy the original Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator.

    Get one, but don't blame us if you turn into a recluse!