1. How to use a Dental Dam

    Whether you're sexually active with lots of different girlfriends or you're in a long-term relationship, Dental Dams are an effective way of preventing STIs and indulging in orgasmic oral sex…

    Even though they were first designed for use in dentists' surgeries, Dental Dams are fast becoming a pragmatic approach to maintaining your sexual health without impeding your sex life.

    Because some STIs can be passed on through vaginal secretions to your mouth, it's important to consider protection when giving and receiving head. The risk of transmitting and contracting STIs and HIV during oral sex may be slim compared to sex and anal sex, but sores or cuts in your mouth or on
    your lover's vagina will increase the risk, so take precautions.

    What is a Dental Dam?

    A Dental Dam is a four-inch square piece of latex that is used to cover your lover's vagina or anus during oral sex. By acting as a barrier between your mouth and your lover's natural secretions, the amount of fluid that enters your mouth is reduced, lowering the risk of STIs.

    Even though they may seem awkward to use at first - you may need to use both hands to hold the square in place until you're used to them - they come in a variety of sumptuous flavours to make the experience much more delectable.

    How to use one

    If you're a girl who thrives on preparation before sex, include the Dental Dam as part of your grooming regime and run it gently under water to rinse off any residue when opened from the packet. Then, ensure there are no holes in the latex, just like you would when checking a condom.

    When you're in position to give your lover an intense dose of head, simply place the latex square of your lover's clit, covering her vulva. If you want to use a cooling, warming or flavoured lube with the Dental Dam, apply a water-based lube, such as Aquaglide Original Lubricant or Durex Play Feel lube, before positioning the Dental Dam.

    The most important thing to remember when using a Dental Dam is to never use the same one more than once, and don't get carried away during your playtime and flip it over to use the other side because the vaginal secretions you're protecting yourself from will be on it.

    If you want an exotic taste sensation while giving head, check out the Pasante Mix Flavoured Latex Dams, which come in a pack of six flavours including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry; while if you have any kind of latex intolerance, you'd be best off with Pasante Natural Non-latex Dams.

    Good hygiene makes for great head!

    If you're worried that a Dental Dam will ruin your lover's sexy mood or ruin the moment, don't. One way to ensure the sexiness is still sparking when the Dental Dam is being applied is to use your fingers to stimulate and trace your lover's clit and vagina while positioning the Dam with your other hand.

    At the end of the day, nothing is sexier than knowing your partner is taking precautions to ensure your mutual sexual health. Long live Dental Dams and safe, orgasmic head!

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    • Jim: June 22, 2008 14:27
      Is it difficult to find and stay on her Clit with a Dental Dam?