1. Book Of The Month - Chilli Heat

    The sign of a good erotic book is one that truly allows you to escape from reality and live out your fantasies. With Carrie Williams's Chilli Heat, the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Book of the Month for June - you can escape to the foreign climes and enjoy breathtaking sex, all from the comfort of your bed!

    An erotically charged story set against the exotic backdrop of modern-day India, Chilli Heat follows Nadia and her Mother Valerie on their journey of spiritual and sexual discovery.

    In keeping with the travel theme, were giving away a free Soft Touch Bunny With Mini Bullet Vibrator, worth £14.99 if you buy the book during June. As well as being super cute, it's the perfect toy to slip in to your suitcase whether you're heading off to Bangladesh or Butlins!

    Here are some questions to ponder while you're reading the book…

    Chilli Heat by Carrie Williams What did you like or dislike about Chilli Heat?

    What was your favourite sex scene and why?

    Do you think the exotic backdrop adds anything to the story?

    Who did you associate more closely with - Nadia or Valerie?

    Considering she was on holiday with her daughter, do you think Valerie's behaviour was acceptable?

    Do you think that Nadia is fully confident in her sexuality by the end of the book?

    Which of the characters did you find the biggest turn-on?

    Were you happy with the way the book ended?

    What changes (if any) would you have made?

    What would you like to think Nadia and Valerie would be doing if we were to revist them in a year's time?

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