1. Carrie Williams Shares Her Recipe For Exotic Erotica

    Get Hot and Steamy With Chilli Heat

    As one of Black Lace's newest authors, Carrie Williams has already made her mark in the world of erotica with The Blue Guide, a sumptuous read which centres on the sensual exploits of a London travel guide.

    In her latest book Chilli Heat, Carrie moves the action to India, where mother and daughter, Valerie and Nadia, are on a journey of discovery - both spiritually and sexually!

    Carrie is also a travel journalist and a mainstream author, although if you search for her other work you'll draw a blank as she works under a pseudynom. Ah, the mystery!

    We caught up with Carrie to find out more about the inspiration behind this month's Erotic Book Club selection Chilli Heat, and also to find out more about her recipe for exotic erotica!

    What inspired you to write Chilli Heat?

    I've long had a love affair with India, and it's a country that becomes even more fascinating as time goes by. When I'm playing with possible plots, I try to find settings and situations, as I did in The Blue Guide, in which I can use my experience as a travel journalist – hence all the luxury hotels and so on. But India seemed to me, in its almost schizophrenic nature, to mirror in some ways the psyche of the heroine – her split (men/women, white/Asian) – and I was interested by the dramatic potential of this parallel.

    The exotic settings and hot erotica in Chilli Heat are a great blend. How easy was it to combine the two?

    It wasn't hard – although I believe any location can be sexy given the right characters and a skilful writer, I think the torrid climate and the landscape and beautiful hotels lent themselves to steamy goings-on!

    Valerie and Nadia both discover a lot about themselves and each other in the book. What was the motivation behind this part of the story and the main characters?

    I suppose I liked the idea of turning reader expectations on the head: having the 18 year old as somehow repressed and lost, in terms of her emotions and desires, while the mother becomes a sexual live wire who goes out to get what she wants at last. I was also interested into taking the classic road trip theme but putting a new twist on that by bringing the mother/daughter aspect into play. And lastly, I thought it was about time some older women got a look in sexually – it's not just hot young chicks who get all the action!

    The men in Chilli Heat are certainly a mixed bunch! Which one do you like the most and why?

    Of course, Hari is the most obviously appealing, because he's the only one who's not manipulative or playing a game. And he has a strong sense of who he is, which is a big turn on – for me at least. But I suppose I have a soft spot for Dean – he's weak, but I hope he'll break out of the trap he's fallen into because he has a lot of potential.

    If we were to revisit Valerie and Nadia in three years time, what do you envisage they would be up to?

    I'd love to believe in the happy ever after ending, but Nadia's still young. She's found out who she is, partly through resolving the issues of her sexuality, but she'll change, so I like to think she'll go on to have plenty more adventures!

    As for Valerie, I don't want to give the ending away, but I like to thing she's still enjoying putting the lessons she learnt about herself in India into practice.

    How does Chilli Heat differ from your last Black Lace book 'The Blue Guide'?

    Although they're both, as I mentioned above, inspired by my travel writing, The Blue Guide is very London-centric and has a more closed-in feel – appropriate, I think, to the suffocating relationship that is at the core of the novel, but clearly less expansive than Chilli Heat. Also, TBG is really one woman's journey to a greater understanding of herself; what fascinated me about this new book is looking at the same trip and experiences from two different perspectives – their take on themselves but on what is happening to the other. Nadia, for instance, feels freaked out by her mother's voracious sexuality, as most daughters would, but also jealous of it.

    As well as being a Black Lace author, you're also a mainstream writer too. Which is easier to write?

    It's probably easier to write under a pseudonym, because one can be totally uninhibited! Only a few close friends know who I am in my Black Lace life, so I can be really unleash my fantasies in a way I can't in my 'own' writing.

    What do you think of the concept of an online erotic book club?
    It's a brilliant idea to give readers a space in which to find out about and share opinions on erotica – it's not just mainstream books that people want to discuss, but there's been little to cater to this need up until now.

    Do you have any messages for members of the Erotic Book Club?

    Yes – thanks for your support in keeping quality erotica alive, and keep on buying!

    I'm currently at work on another London-based novel, The Apprentice, but in the future I hope to be visiting plenty more exotic locales in the future.