1. According to the Sun, Dating Men Abroad Can Be Cheaper Than in UK

    VibraExciter Mobile Phone Vibrator

    If you ignore the environmental impact, there are benefits to dating men in Europe, rather than staying "closer" to home, apparently. Since train prices are so darned expensive in the UK and with budget airlines dropping their prices to destinations abroad all the time, you may find that longer distance relationships are easier on your wallet than shorter long distance relationships.

    According to the Sun:

    A survey has found 20 per cent of British singles have given up looking for love in the UK and are seeking dates with foreign fellas.

    And with train fares over here rocketing, it could be CHEAPER for a girl to have a long-distance fling with a man overseas.

    The reporter compared a night in Newcastle to an overnight trip to Barcelona… and found that the travel was cheaper and the men were better looking. Ouch, men of Newcastle. Ouch. Price difference? It was £150 for Barcelona and £255 for Newcastle.

    So if you do find yourself trying further flung love--and with the ever-increasing popularity of internet dating, haven't we all fell for someone hundreds of miles away by now? - be sure to keep those long and lonely nights apart a little less long and lonely. A vibrator that can be set off by your mobile phone? It is perfectly made for long distance lovers. And in the spirit of fairness, don't forget the guy on the end of that seriously over-priced phone call - the VibraExciter also comes in a version for the men.

    I am not sure which of you will be able to keep making phone calls while using these, but those are problems for you to figure out… I just make the vibrating problems possible. Enjoy.