1. How to write a winning erotic story

    First-time erotic story writer Carly Drew won £500 in Lovehoney's 2008 Erotic Story Competition. You can click here to download and enjoy Carly's story, Dirty Little Secret, for free!

    Carly's writing talent was so amazing that we gave her the dream job of a lifetime as Lovehoney's Pleasure Director!

    We caught up with Carly to find out what inspired her to turn her hand to writing rude stories. Turns out all you need is 3 rum & cokes and a box of chocolates…

    How did you find out about the competition?
    I originally read about the competition in Cosmopolitan magazine. I remember spotting it whilst at work, then thinking about plots and story lines all day until I could check out the website at home and get something down on paper.

    What inspired you to enter?
    I figured that I spent so much time writing dirty stories and texts to my boyfriend that it might be time to put my naughty talents to good use! I'd never really written a full story before but I just let my imagination run wild with it, which was such good fun. I was actually quite proud of the story when I finished writing it so even if nothing came of it, I had produced something that had put a smile on my face!

    Erotic Story Competition Winner Carly Drew How long did it take you to write Dirty Little Secret?
    In total, it took me about 3 rum and cokes, a box of chocolates and a game of solitaire to get it all written up and edited (which translates to about 7 hours overall!).

    What made you chose the Miyakadori as your featured toy?
    I've actually used a Miyakadori before and loved everything about it! It's small, it's quiet, it's discreet and it can be used as a solo toy or with a partner. At first I was unsure of how to involve a sex toy in my story but it just evolved naturally and fitted in perfectly with everything I was writing.

    Are the characters in the story purely fictional?
    The characters are loosely based on people I know! Admittedly, it's more of a "perfect world" scenario, but a girl can dream!

    How do you feel to have won?
    I'm so happy to have won! I was proud of my story but wasn't sure what other peoples' reactions would be. I was shocked that other people actually enjoyed it! Lovehoney and Julie Peasgood have been so encouraging and have really given me the confidence to do more writing in the future.

    What tips would you give other budding erotic authors?
    The best piece of advice I can give is to really immerse yourself in what you're doing. If it's one of your favourite fantasies or something you'd love to try out then you're going to enjoy writing about it. Try before you write!

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