1. Reader Tips: 10 things not to do to a man in bed

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    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    Tip: 10 things not to do to a man in bed

    1. When giving oral sex to a man don't use your teeth too much!

    2. Don't pull on his balls too hard during sex play.

    3. Don't put your finger up his butt unless he tells you it is all right.

    4. Don't lick his penis like a lollipop. Learn to give a good blow job.

    5. Don't keep sucking hard on his penis after he orgasms… Too sensitive!

    6. Don't stop doing something when he is moaning in ecstasy!

    7. Don't pinch his nipples unless he likes it. And then find out how much.

    8. Talk naughty, not nasty. Learn how to entice not repel.

    9. Don't be too shy. The thrill of the chase only goes so far.

    10. Don't be afraid to try new techniques.