1. Free Erotic Book - Dirty Little Secret by Carly Drew

    Last year Lovehoney ran an Erotic Story Competition to encourage you to try your hand at writing an erotic story involving one of our sex toys.

    We received more than 100 entries so our judges, sex author Julie Peasgood, Black Lace author Angel Blake, and Lovehoney's Head Buyer Bonny Hall had a hard - but enjoyable! - time picking the winners.

    The winner of the £500 first prize was Carly Drew, pictured here after someone cruelly Superglued her hands to her head. (Well, it's either that or she's been inspired by the cover of this month's Erotic Book Club choice!)

    You too can be a winner with Lovehoney.co.uk. Simply enter our Sex On Holiday Survey for your chance to win a Mates Intensify Gel and Condoms Set.

    Download Carly's winning story for free below the break.

    Carly's winning erotic story Dirty Little Secret tells the tale of a tryst in a nightclub which heavily involves the orgasmic use of a Miyakadori Remote Control Vibrator.

    "I've never thought of myself as much of a writer but decided that instead of sending my boyfriend flirty text messages, I'd try my hand at a full story," says Carly. "Thank you Lovehoney, not just for the fantastic prize, but for giving me the confidence boost I needed and even inspiring me to consider a career in creative writing!"

    The judges were unanimous in their selection of Carly's story as the winning entry.

    "Judging the Erotic Writing Competition was a pleasure because of the range and high standard of entries," said Julie Peasgood. "The Magic Bullet was hot and punchy, and Carly Drew's story shone out because it was clever, classy, articulate - and sexy as hell."

    Click here to download an ebook of the winning story for free: Dirty Little Secret by Carly Drew

    And if you like erotic stories - and, even better, free erotic stories - stay tuned to the Erotic Book Club blog because there are plenty more to come!

    Comments (6)

    • Lexy: May 08, 2008 09:38
      Congratulations Carly. I really enjoyed reading Dirty Little Secret - great story.
    • Karen: May 09, 2008 10:22
      Phew - nice work Carly!
    • billy: May 27, 2009 01:28
      i fuck my girl friend with our new remote control vibrater
    • alun: June 02, 2009 09:38
      great story think i might get one of those for me and the wife :)
    • Jenny: June 21, 2009 22:30
      Loved the story and youve now converted me into getting one of those toys!!
    • danny: November 16, 2009 15:07
      Congratulations Carly! Awesome story, incredibly sexy! I'm not currently involved with anyone, but have imagined or 'fantasized' i guess [lol] about a very similar scenario ever since I first heard about remote-control toys. Seems to me with the right people involved the possibilities could be endless. Again, great story, very well written and left me practically drooling for you!!! [wink] Thanks doll!
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