1. Who Would Have Thought? Sliquid Ride Shave Cream for Men

    Sliquid Ride Razor Shave Cream for Men

    In all the running around on the site to get the new and better toys, all flash, vibration, and multi-speeds, we sometimes overlook the less eye-catching items. But considering some of the reviews they get, we might want to pay closer attention. As more and more men are grooming their personal putting greens (for which let me officially thank you from the Ladies Coalition), they are starting to realise what women have known for years - shaving frickin' hurts.

    Razor burn, ingrown hairs, nicks… you get the works. And what hurts on your legs and underarms doesn't get better when it is on your personal areas. I have a bottle of one of the Sliquid lubes and I love it, so I can easily believe some of the reviews that are coming out for the shaving cream:

    "It's fantastic !!! I've never bothered before to use this type of product and always stuck with well known brands of gel. Tried it first on my face, great. Tried it next on my 'bits', even better. Leaves very smooth, soft skin after use, no dragging, with a great smell. In the interests of equality, the OH captured it and also road tested it. Result? Big thumbs up."

    "Been shaving off my pubic hair for a couple of years with either soap or lube and I have to say that this product has given me a much closer shave. It not only smells nice, but you also don't get any razor burns. It come in an easy to squeeze bottle and you don't need a lot of the thick cream to do the job."

    "We both shave our pubic hair, believing that skin-to-skin contact down there adds considerably to sexual pleasure, and up to now have both used shaving oil and a Venus razor. We have both tried depilatory cream but didn't get on with it at all.

    This cream is lovely and smooth and smells great - she was impressed by the ingredients, which include lemongrass, aloe vera, mango butter and green tea extract. It is very slick and can be used without water, and although of course it's necessary to rinse the razor during shaving the cream doesn't clog the blades. The label says it is perfect for dry or sensitive skin and we both found it doesn't cause any soreness on your most tender parts - especially important as, for us, shaving each other always ends in sex!

    She has tried it on her legs and he has used it on his face; it's great for all types of shaving. If you a guy who shaves his head or all of his body this would be an ideal cream to use. A really nice product and a little seems to go a long way."

    The shave cream is glycerin, paraben, and lanolin free and it comes in two scents (natural and lemongrass) - this is the one to go for if you have sensitive or dry skin. Considering the size and price, it might be worth trying even if you don't.