1. Reader Tips: Disguising yourself for sexual encounters.

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    Disguising yourself for sexual encounters.

    I once watched an episode of Columbo where a female psychologist dressed herself up as a working girl and met her husband in order to seduce him. Actually she intended to murder him – but that is Columbo for you!

    But as an idea for spicing up your relationship it is a lot more fun without the murder. In fact you don't really need to go as far as being a working girl – but a wig to disguise yourself and a new name are essentials.

    If your partner has no regular haunts you will have to arrange to meet them somewhere and then turn up in disguise.

    If your partner frequents a particular bar the whole thing is made easy, unless you have agreed to allow them their privacy there. You can simply disguise yourself and go there.

    You may find relative strangers all recognise you, but that your partner looks straight through you, so it's probably better to steer clear of their work mates.

    Make eye contact, flirt - hope your partner doesn't flirt back too much until they've actually recognised you. This is one time you can afford to be outrageously pushy. Don't be upset if they do flirt back.

    Don't break out of character they may have recognised you but decided to play the game. And if they haven't it is a tribute to the fact they still fancy you – it also means you've chosen to relight the fires at the right time.

    It is a fantastic opportunity to seduce each other all over again.

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